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Training programs for study a work, main principles of adjusting and troubles shooting of diesel locomotive main generator excitment automatic control system

The technical level of main generator excitment automatic control system determines in many respects the technical level of locomotive electrical equipment and of locomotive itself. The quality of locomotive workThe control panel of TEP70-316 diesel loc with ASUB computer control system (VNITI) depends on this system working quality, which, in its oder, depends on this system quality adjusting. The results of locomotive condition monitorig show, that this last quality very often would may be more better. The system troubles shooting is also sometimes cause a big problems in operation, which leads to long stoppage of locomotives out of work. The main reason of such problems is insufficient qualification of technicians or even engineers of depot rheostat locomotive testing stations. The main source of this qualification is practical experience. Today the mustering of such experience is possible only by working with real workable locomotives. Up to engineers will muster such experience, the operational workers and railroad customers must reap the fruits of their creative searches. The different way of excitment systems adjusting experience mustering is possible by the using of special training programs, which were developed at Locomotive Department of Saint Petersburg State University for Means of Communication.
The program main screen is an image of main generator (alternator for AC/DC locomotive type) excitment automatic system scheme. It is close to its album variant with exception of the wires numbers and resistors markers absence, and the measuring instruments in the different scheme circuits presence. After turning on the needed apparatuses and switching the throttle lever on 1-st position (by clicking on apparatuses images and pressing the throttle lever imitator buttons on program control panel) the scheme condition changes from idle to working and the altenator and traction motors images colour change from black to red. For calculating scheme circuits currents and voltages values you must press "
Calculation" button on program control panel. After waiting for some seconds (or tens of seconds - depending on your computer's power) you may see, that measuring instruments readings have changed. Their combination allow you to know all about scheme condition in this mode. But what about other throttle positions? Change the position, press "Calculation" button and analyse the answer to this question. And what will happen, if the alternator loading will change? After clicking on traction motors images (if they are red) you may see a loading water rheostat panel with its image and with two buttons ("Up" and "Down"). Using this buttons, you may lower or raise the rheostat plates and, accordingly, decrease or increase its resistance. Press the "Calculation" button and try to understand the scheme condition in a new mode. And what will happen, if this adjusting resistor resistance will be change? Click on resistor image and, by using "Ommeter" 's "Increase" and "Decrease" buttons on program control panel, increase or decrease resistance of the selected resistor. Then click on "Calculation" button againe and analyse scheme condition. And how this changing influenced the alternator output characteristic? Press the "Characteristic" button (on 15-th throttle position only) and observe the calculation of ten characteristic's points. You may also set the current changing range. After end of calculations the characteristic will be draw on standart plane table with low and high position borders. Is it wrong? Try to adjust it by changing of different resistors resistance and controlling you work results by characteristic calculation. And what will happen, if this diode will be damaged with circuit closing? And with circuit breaking? And if this resistor will be breaking? And if the alternator voltage sencor circuit will be breaking? And if ...? Press the "Damages setting" button on program control panel and see the damages setting screen, where you may input near 60 defferent scheme damages. Then, after returning to normal mode, you may analyse the work of damaged scheme. The program include the internal illustrated interactive expert system with more then 60 instructions, which will help you to adjust the scheme or to repaire it both in program and on locomotive.
These programs were developed with using the results of locomotive energy stations mathematical modelling long work, which was (and is) conducted at
Locomotive Department of Saint Petersburg State University for Means of Communication. Their base models counts all locomotive alternator excitment automatic system features (the real loading characteristics of exciters, alternators, traction motors, diodes, sencors etc) that allow to ensure the high models equivalent and results authencity level.
All programs satisfactorily works on IBM-compatible computers in following minimal configuration:

During some years this programs is sucsessfully used:

In the table you may see some screenshorts and download the demo version of training program "TEP70 diesel locomotive alternator excitment circuits". It is a Russian passenger locomotive, which is produced now by Kolomna Locomotive Building Plant and works on Russian, Belorussian and some other countries railroads. Its excitment automatic control system very close to such systems of TEM7(A), TE109 (which was exported to Europe as V300) and 2TE116 diesel locs. Some full version's featurs are absent in demo version (specifically, the working with damages, the resistors adjusting and using the expert system are impossible). During installation process program doesn't write anything to Windows Registry, but will copy some files in System folder. These files list is in README.TXT file. If you will not need these files after deleting the program, you will may delete them by hands. If you will launch program by the aid of shortcut, which is creared on Desk Top by installator, please, don't forget to write program folder path in the shortcut's "Program folder" property.
The authors are interesting in your comments and suggestions about the program. If you have them write

Name of training program Screenshorts DownLoad
TEP70 diesel locomotive
alternator excitment
Main screen
Rheostat plates position changing
Alternator output characteristic calculation
Demo version of training program: "TEP70 diesel locomotive
alternator excitment
- 842 kb

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