2-13-03: I have created a seperate page for updates because I am sick of looking at them...whenever I post a new update, I will move the old one to the update page.

2-2-03: Well, I have begun to do some cursory scenicing...mostly crushed foam type work towards one end. My intention is to try to break up the monotany of ballasting by doing it in sections across the entire layout. Hope to put picture up of what I have done in the next few days.

1-9-03: Okay, I know I am way behind here. Oh well. I wasn't home much around Christmas time to be working on the layout. I did get all the track laid and wired (simple two cab block control) and I have begun to do some ballasting. Obviously I have built a control panel of sorts, which I will be devoting a page to under the construction section. I guess
that is about it. There are two new pages in the construction section, one with some photos of the trackwork and another decribing the control system.

11-07-02: Well, I have been slacking on the webpage, mostly because midterms came and I had to study. Just got busy I guess. Anyhow, midterms are over and I put up two new pages of construction pictures. Hank will be sending me some more information on the prototype and I will try to get that up soon as well. Hopefully I will be running trains by December.

10-18-02: The majority of the content is now uploaded and formated. I have included the pictures I recieve as well as the system map. Further information regarding the history
of the WGCR should go up within the next couple of days as well as more pictures of my layout. Also, I still need to create the "links" page.

10-11-02: I have completed the page entitled "My Layout" and have begun work on the "Prototype Information" page. Hopefully I will have it finished by the end of this weekend.

10-7-02: Thanks to Hank Stephens I now have a plethora of images of the prototype. Of course, being utterly unprepared for this I do not have them posted or a page formated for
them or anything. This page remains skeletal at best.

9-30-02: The digital camera is down so I am not making as much progress as I had hoped on the webpage...anyhow, I doubt anyone has even been here so it probably doesn't matter...for
the moment I am getting everything ready so that when I get batteries I can immediately upload the pics