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A RailWay In Northern Utah

Ogden Utah 21st Street to 12th Street

21st Street Cecil Junction Ogden 31st Street Tower

This is the South end of the Railway & is in the yard limits of the UP Ogden Yard.
The UP-SP Tunnel motors are crossing under the 21st Street bridge. At this point
the line was under the control of the 30th Street Tower. The tower was hit by
lighting & had all the equipment inside burned out, so it was decided not to repair &
the Tower is now closed. The UP has installed new bypass tracks through the old SP
yard & now this junction, Cecil Jct., in under the control of the dispatcher in Omaha.

sd40-2 UP-3300 sd40-2 UP-3561 UP-6105

17th street is the first at grade crossing, a UP SD40-2, 3300 the United Way Locomotive,
lead a north bound out across the snow. SD40-2 UP 3561 is coming to the end of it's trip as it
enters the Ogden Yard. The railroad does not shut down Just because it snows, UP 6105 enters
the yard after a hard days work out in the snow.

Union Pacific DDA40X 6936 Hobo Train Three Hobo Riders

From 17th street you can follow Pacific Ave to 12th street, here we see Union Pacific
DDA40X 6936 leading specials over the Ogden Subdivision. Some Hobos caught a ride on
the second unit of this train headed out for Pocatello.

UP-6025 UP-9047 UP-3359

With all the changes on this end of the line, the old searchlight signal got pulled up &
replaced. Here you see UP 6025 & UP 9047 coming into the yard past the outbound signal.
UP 3359 is seen approaching the inbound signal.

Defense Depot Ogden

UP-3816 UP-9313

The Ogden Yard limits use to be at mile post 2, between the 12th & 2nd street crossing in
Ogden, but now it's at Cecil Junction. The line runs down the east side of Defense Depot
Ogden, wich is now owned by the city of Ogden & being made into an industrial park call
Business Depot Ogden. UP 3816 is coming up on Mile post 2, & UP 9313 in right at mile
post 2. Not the old Amtrak safety sign.

Old Guard Shack UP-9340

This is the old guard shack at the 2nd street entrance of DDO.

Utah State Railroad Museum Steam Rotary Plow Utah State Railroad Museum Steam Crane

The Utah State Railroad Museum at Ogden Union Station has some of it's equipment
stored here, including this old steam rotary snow plow & steam crane.
Both Units are now back on display on Ogden Union Station.

USAF-1239 US ARMY-1632 DLA-85315

DDO had it's own railroad equipment that was used here in the past. USAF 1239 was
spotted on flatcar USAX 38014. USA 1632, is another switcher engine that can be seen at
Defense Depot Ogden. It was moved out of the engine shop after DDO was given to the city
of Ogden. Then the city removed the Shop & the South yard. Also found in storage was
this small Plymouth switcher, DLA 85315.

DLA-53205 South DDO Railroad shop complex DDO North Engine House

But the greatest find was the Fairbanks, Morse 120 ton switcher DLA 53205 believed to
have been gone from here long ago. The south shop were the locos had been stored can be
seen in this photo, this was shortly before it was knocked down by Ogden City. The Engine
house in the North yard & most of the north yard are still in place. This is were the
equipment from the Utah State Railroad Museum is stored. The Fate of the Locos is
unknow to me & it is my hope they will become part of the collection at the Museum.


SP-8152 UP-9206

There is a brick yard on the line in Harrisville, SP 8152 & UP 9206 are seen passing by.

Weber Industrial Park

UP-3242 UP-6300

WIP (Weber Industrial Park) is an Industrial park served by UP, by the
Little Mountain Local. It's at about 2700 north. A UP Rocket trains can
be seen running this line as they head for Ogden.

Hot Springs Siding

UP 8444 in two tone gray.

Hot Springs siding & Little Mountain Jct over lap each other on the north end of Hot
Springs. The siding in on the right in this photo & the Little Mountain Branch on
the left. Union Pacific 8444 makes a run to Cache Jct.

Rocky Point Hot Springs

This area is know to locals as Rocky Point, & Hot Springs.

SSW-9689 Rocket Train

Utah highway 126 crosses over the line here & is exit # 354 off I-15. US 89 is to the east
of the tracks through here. SSW GP60 9689 is rolling by an old truck wrecking yard.
Also a good place to spot a Rocket train on it's way into Ogden.

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