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RF&P Resources and Articles

RF&P Resources

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Since this list became too large, the two largest subsections, the available models and existing equimpent, have been made their own pages. 
Periodical Issue, page Title Notes
Classic Trains
Fall 2002 Fallen flags remembered: Major-league franchise with a small-town demeanor RF&P: by Doug Riddell (with at least one Dave Davies photo)
CTC Board
April 1988 RF&P Operations Written by David Davies
Diesel Era
Nov/Dec 1990, pp43-47 Richmond, Fredericksburg, & Potomac Cabooses, Part 1 - The Wood Cars William E. Griffin, Jr.
May/June 1991, pp43-49 Richmond, Fredericksburg, & Potomac Cabooses, Part 2 - The Steel Cars William E. Griffin, Jr.
Sep/Oct 1999 Richmond, Fredericksburg, & Potomac Diesels Warren L. Calloway
Locomotive Quarterly Fall 1986 RF&P Steam ......
Mainline Modeler
July 1984, p38 Rickmond Fredricksburg & Potomac 0-6-0 Robert L. Hundman
Sept 1985 p.76-78 RF&P GP7s Painting Guide: Only three in the blue and gray Has photos of 101-104 and HO drawing of paint scheme. Also caboose 911. 
June 1989, p 24 RF&P Painting Guide Warren Calloway
June 1993, p 58 Richmond Fredericksburg & Potomac 2-8-4 Robert L. Hundman
Model Railroader January 1962, p35 RF&P Caboose J. Harold Giessel
November 1967, pp40-43
RF&P 4-8-4
Bruce Meyer
September 1969, pp40-43 Doswell: RF&P-C&O station and tower written by Herb Insley. Then current track plan and drawings of the tower.
Model Railroading
June 1989, p.18 Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac - A Work Train Inspiration Doug Nuckles
January 1994, p58 Diesel Detail Close-Up: Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac EMD E8A  Rich Picariello
May 2006, p50-53 Diesel Detail Close-Up: Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac EMD GP40 Rich Picariello
Modern Railroads July 1957 Bridge Line Stresses Service a 2-page article by Tom Shed, Jr. has 5 b&w photos.
NMRA Bulletin
March 1976, p48 RF&P 4-8-4 Plan Tom O'Neil
May 1978, p 23 Evolution Of RR Herald - R., F. & P Tom O'Neil
Prototype Modeler November 1985, p32 Photo Roster: Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac by Warren Calloway & William E. Griffin, Jr.
Railfan & Railroad
June 2002, pp. 42-47 RF&P Ten Years Down the Track (a look back at the Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac) written by Doug Koontz;
September 1992, pp. 60-67 CSX-ing the RF&P written by Doug Koontz; photos of 142, 141, 133, 146, 147, 131, VRE V01; 122 & 127 on cover
September 1984, pp34-39 Van Sweringen Berkshires, part 3: RF&P 2-8-4s Written by Eugene L. Huddleston
Railmodel Journal
July 1997, p 31 RF&P 50-Foot Box Car Mike Rose
Railpace May 1990, pp 28-39 Railfanning the RF&P- Center Portion (MP 27-83) by Alex Mayes
July 1988, p.18+ RF&P- South, Day on the RF&P, Railfanning the RF&P (TCG)
Oct 1984, p.28-32 RF&P's Gateway to the South by Michael S. Murray, with "chase" map of Pot Yard & black & white photos
April 1983, p.25 Part 3: RF&P/ACL
Railroad Model Craftsman
September 1970, p 39. Milford Tower by Herb Insley
January 1970, pp 31-33  Ashland Station by Herb Insley
May 1992, p30 Farewell to Potomac Yard by Robert S. Carper
Cover image
May 1989, pp60-61 Hot Spots: Doswell, Va. Written by Robert S. Kaplan
May 1989, pp30-38 Washington Union Station: Back from the Brink Written by R. Daniel Cupper, PSMRRC alum
November 1977, pp26-34 RF&P: Blue-Gray gateway By Don Phillips, Photos by Victor Hand
December 1975, p45 Could Trucks replace the RF&P? by Don Phillips
November 1946, pp32-41 Richmond-Washington Thopmson, E.L.
June 1943, pp24 Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac 2-8-4 photo & specifications
November 1941, p32 Capital Cities Route Wiley M. Bryan
November 1940, pp22-25 "Potomac Yard, Va."
A few additions added on 8 April 2004, along with a reordering of the publications. Also, trains.com (Kalmbach) has a search index of many different train magazines (more than just theirs). It is very thorough, with page numbers and authors, but it is not complete. RF&P may be searched on that index with this link.

Additions to robmckii@aol.com


Title Author Publisher Notes
A Brief History of the RF&P John B. Mordecai 1941: Old Dominion Press: Richmond John Mordecai was traffic manager of the RF&P at the time of its writing, 1940, the forward dated Feb 25, 1940, the 106 birthday of the line. The book devotes a large portion to the history of the line from the founding until 1900, with a light sketch of 1900-1940.
LOC: 385.065755 M811B
The RF&P in the Second World War John B. Mordecai John B. Mordecai, Richmond, Va., 1948 Predominantly an analysis of traffic patterns during WWII. Has photographs of the officers and directors of the railroad, a few photographs (including an aerial of Pot Yard), and copies of certificates awarded the railroad by the uniformed services.
The Richmond-Washington Line and Related Railroads. Richard E Prince Richard E. Prince, 1973 Out of Print. Large coverage of the steam era, including photos of most every steam locomotive since 1900.
150 Years along the RF&P William E. Griffin, Jr. 1984: RF&P 150th Anniversary tribute
RF&P: Linking North and South Bob Kaplan &
Deane Mellander
1991: Old Line Graphics, Silver Spring MD 180 color photos, 128 pages
(Cover photo)
RF&P: Capital Cities Route William E. Griffin, Jr. 1994: TLC Publishing, Lynchburg, Va. ISBN 1883089123;
LOC TF25 R53 G73 1994
Listed in Walthers Online as 503-1883089123 from Motorbooks International
RF&P: Passenger Service 1933-1975 William E. Griffin, Jr. 2000: TLC Publishing, Lynchburg Va. In depth detail on Passenger equipment and stations, Large number of photographs.
ISBN 1-883089-53-0
Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac in Color Jeremy F. Plant, Stanley Short and William G. McClure 2003: Morning Sun Books, Scotch Plains, NJ Color photos primarily of diesel era, with a few steam colors as well. (606-Governor Tyler is on the jacket cover, as is Aclo S-2 #52, and GP40 #127 with SW-1500 #91)
ISBN 1-58248-093-1

While not a book, per se, the RF&P also commissioned a watercolor for the 150th in 1984, and put together a pamphlet that was titled "A brief Pictoral History of the RF&P"

I've personnaly read (and own) all of the above.


Title Author Publisher Notes
Remember the RF&P Scott Nelson 2002: Mainline Video: Chester, Va. Review by Ken Moss:
"Titled "Remember the RF&P", it was produced in 2002 (though originally shot in the later years of the RF&P) by a producer located in Chester, Virginia (between Richmond and Petersburg) which specializes in train videos and CDs. The program covers day to day operations, with many run-bys up and down the RF&P (if I recall correctly, about 2 hours), with some very good pacing footage as well. All trains are headed by beautiful blue and gray RF&P power!"

Additions to robmckii@aol.com


Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac Railroad Historical Society, Inc. (RF&PRRHS)

Others such as:

Onsite resources



Richmond-Washington Line




Historical Society

Brief History with paint timeline 

McKeever's Models



Other Online (but offsite) resources:

 Signal Aspects: RF&P (Maintained by Mark D. Bej)

Fallen Flags RF&P Page

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