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Existing RF&P Equipment

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There are no known steam locomotives that survived the scrappers torch. The following is a list of known surviving Diesel-Electric locomotives:

Location Item(s) Owner Notes
Granite Mt. Quarry (Arkansas) ex RF&P 1
Quality Terminal Switching (Texas) QTS 2 ex RF&P 2
Quality Terminal Switching (Texas) QTS 3 ex RF&P 3
Patapsco & Back River (Maryland) PBR 5 ex RF&P 5 Patapsco & Back River An early re-stencil photo shows slug S-2 with the 5, also stenciled for PBR; #5 Still blue/gray in 2001
Patapsco & Back River (Maryland) PBR 6 ex RF&P 6 Patapsco & Back River Still blue/gray as of 2001
Bethlehem, Pa PBNE #7, ex SB #7 nee RF&P 7 Philadelphia, Bethlehem & New England February 2004 has photo of unit on PBNE property in Bethlehem, PA, still in South Buffalo paint.
Cal Steel 32-0009 (California) ex RF&P 8
Trego, Va Vulcan 12830, ex SCL 98, exx ACL 44, nee RF&P 54 Vulcan Materials 12830
Raeford (NC?) L&S 132, ex South Buffalo 68, exx SH 68, nee RF&P 58 Laurinburg & Southern 132 Alco S-2, built 1946, s/n 74493
Acquired by L&S 1989, reportedly leased to Hoechst Celanses (Wilmington, NC); on roster as of 10/1/97
Michigan MST 62, ex DC 62, exx SH 62, nee RF&P 59 Mid States Terminal 62 Last seen in Lambertville, MI on January 9, 2002, still painted as Delray Connecting Railroad #62. It is not on Delray Connecting's roster in 2004.
Raeford (NC?) L&S 131, ex South Buffalo 69, exx SH 69, nee RF&P 69 Laurinburg & Southern 131 Alco S-2, built 1948, s/n 76169
Acquired by L&S 1989, reportedly leased to Carolina Power & Light (Skyland Plant, Ashland, NC);
Hopewell, Va AFP 202 ex-CSX 1302 nee RF&P 83 Allied Fibers & Plastics 202 Allied appears to have been bought by Honeywell. Unsure if these two Sw1200s are still in use there or not.
Hopewell, Va AFP 203 ex-CSX 1303 nee RF&P 84 Allied Fibers & Plastics 203
New Jersey M&E 20 ex CRL 1500, exx ACWR 1500 exxx CSX 1315 nee RF&P 91 Morristown & Erie Repainted Yellow/Red -- 1997 Photo thanks to Jeff Lubchansky. The 91 stayed in its blue/gray until it arrived at the Morristown & Erie -- I personnaly caught it up in Bellefonte and Altoona, PA in the mid-90s.
Dillwyn, Va RF&P 101 (GP-7) (Parts from 101-104) Old Dominion Chapter NRHS The 101 (the 2nd diesel 101) was rebuilt in 1984 by the RF&P from the frame of the 104 and using parts from the other GP7s. It was painted in the as delivered scheme by the shops, and used in service around Richmond before being donated by the RF&P to the Old Dominion Chapter, NRHS in 1986.
The 101 is currently on lease to the Buckingham Branch Railroad, where it runs excursion service in the summer and is used for freight in other times of the year.

Link is to a Nick Pitsch photo from 1998.

Hartwell, Georgia GRWR 136, ex RF&P 136, nee RF&P 116 Great Walton Railroad (GRWR) Still in service (2004) on the Great Walton, which operates the Hartwell Railroad in northern Georgia.

Link is to a Nick Pitsch photo from 1998.

Active WSOR 3805 Ex-CSX 6855 nee-RF&P 121 Wisconsin Southern should have been repainted WSOR Colors, reportedly a rebuild to gp38-2 specs with a 40 body.

Thanks to Mike Derrick for this shot in action on the WSOR. The photo appears to confirm the rebuild. The unit was still blue/gray as of his July 2002 shot, but has been repainted into WSOR colors.

Active CSX 9703? CSX 9703 Ex-CSX 6856 nee RF&P 122 CSXT? Pumpkin Orange
Last seen as CSX 2337 CSX 2337 ex-CSX 6857 Nee-RF&P 123 CSXT? Reported 6857 retired in March, 1998, and rebuilt by VMV to road slug 2337, but have not run across in some time. I assume it is no longer on the CSX Roster.
Active UP 2509 ex-CSX 6858 nee RF&P 124 Union Pacific Rebuilt MK March 1997 to GP38M-3
Active UP 2515 Ex-CSX 6859 nee RF&P 125 Union Pacific Rebuilt MK April 1997 to GP38M-3
Active CSX 9726 CSX 9726 Ex-CSX 6860 nee RF&P 126 CSXT Pumpkin Orange
Active KCS 4747 Ex-NREX 6861, ex-CSX 6861 nee RF&P 127 KCS Rebuilt to GP40-3 by VMV in June 1994 (rebuild data from KCSHS's roster)
Active CSX 6393 CSX 6393 nee RF&P 141 CSXT repainted CSX (reportedly whole series, 6393-6399 is still active 2004)
Active CSX 6394 CSX 6394 nee RF&P 142 CSXT repainted CSX
Active CSX 6395 CSX 6395 nee RF&P 143 CSXT repainted CSX
Active CSX 6396 CSX 6396 nee RF&P 144 CSXT repainted CSX
Active CSX 6397 CSX 6397 nee RF&P 145 CSXT repainted CSX
Active CSX 6398 CSX 6398 nee RF&P 146 CSXT repainted CSX
Active CSX 6399 CSX 6399 nee RF&P 147 CSXT repainted CSX
Roanoke ex-RF&P 1002 (E8A) Va. Museum of Transportation On Display. Blt. 11/49
Miami, FL Ex-RF&P slug "C" (rebuilt from S-2 #71) Gold Coast Railroad Museum Thanks to Jeff Lubchansky for a photo on his site of former RF&P slug "C", which was rebuilt from the S-2 #71, at this musuem.

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Location Item(s) Owner Notes
Hallsboro, Va RF&P wooden caboose (1904 vintage) (951, ex824?) Old Dominion Chapter NRHS Currently being restored
Chester, Va RF&P Caboose 918 Russ Dolbear Blt 1942 --- Russ Dolbear has saved this caboose, now in Chester, Va
Fredericksburg/Spotsylvania County RF&P Caboose 905 Rappahannock Chapter NRHS this is the 1973 vintage steel caboose. It is in the process of being restored, with a fresh coat of blue, but many of the windows are in bad shape due to vandals. The chapter has some spare parts from the 903.
near Bealeton, Va 911 private Located east of Baines Corner Road, just off (and parallel to) US 17, about 5 miles south of the light at VA 28. Caboose end faces the road, and there is a small loop of track between the caboose and the road. The gauge of the loop looks to be somewhere between one and two feet, unsure from a late afternoon pass without stopping. There appears to be some sort of small mine diesel visible before the caboose. The 911 is a 1918 vintage wood/steel frame caboose that was retired in 1970, and appears to still be in red paint, albeit faded.
Walkersville, MD RF&P Caboose 923 Chesapeake Railway Association this is the 1971 vintage steel caboose. Photo is on Walkersville Southern's website.
Forest Park/Noblesville, Indiana as CI 60 (nee RF&P 926) Indiana Transportation Museum 10-03: Caboose is in the process of being restored
Texas RF&P 932 John Bookhout Used as lakeside cottage
Hartwell, Ga RF&P 933 Hartwell Ga. Photo taken 4/22/98 by Nick Pitsch. Still on the Hartwell in 2004, under cover. This is the 1971 vintage all-steel caboose built by Southern Iron & Equipment.
Montana RF&P Caboose #938 Miracle of America Museum In process of being restored for a tour across america. Wood caboose, 50s vintage?
near Ruther Glen RF&P 940 "long version" on private property, thanks to Chuck McIntyre for the update!
Richmond-Staples Mill Road Unknown # (short cab) Located on left side of Staples Mill Road west of Richmond, west of I-295. It is on private property. This is the caboose that was donated by the RF&P to the local PBS station in the 70s for an auction.
The following list is courtesy of S. Roger Kirkpatrick,
caboose9@beyondbb.com, updated 5/20/05

                                                                         A CATALOG OF CAPTIVE CABOOSE LOCATIONS
Perris          CA  RF&P          as PE 1985, wood, cupola, Orange Empire Rwy Museum, 2201 South A Street
Strasburg       PA  RF&P          as RF&P, wood, center cupola, Units 3-N & 3-S, Red Caboose Motel, Box 102, 17579
Northumberland CVA  RF&P 803      wood, cupola, LOCATION?, near Great Wicomic River
Whittier        NC  RF&P 902 (2?) steel, wide vision, Wood Products Co., B.W. Sharpe, owner, from GSMR, Dillsboro & Franklin?, NC
Sealston        VA  RF&P 903 (2)  steel, wide vision, Birchwood Power Plant, wreck damaged, from Fredericksburg, VA
Richmond        VA  RF&P 904 (2)  built 4/73, Valentine Riverside Museum (closed), Tredeger Iron Works, with 0-4-0T steam loco
Fredericksburg  VA  RF&P 905 (2)  steel, wide vision, built 4/73, Bowman Industrial Park, Rappahannock Chapter, Nat'l Rwy Hist. Soc.
Verona          VA  RF&P 906 (2)  as BB 224/Shenandoah Valley Railroad 55, steel, wide vision, 703-568-1800
Rocky Mount     NC  RF&P 907 (2)  as BK 907, steel, wide vision, Nash Co. RR Yard,  W.H. Kincheloe, from Spring Hope, NC, 4 SALE
Bealeton        VA  RF&P 911      wood, cupola, Baine's Corner Road, Fauquier County, 5 miles south of town
Chester         VA  RF&P 918      wood, cupola, built 5/42, Russ Dolbear, 5521 Ecoff Road, from Richmond, VA
Charlotte       NC  RF&P 921      steel, cupola, Extravaganza Events & Props, 1600 block Tryon St., with BN 1 bus. car, ex-Dillsboro
Walkersville    MD  RF&P 923 (2)  as RF&P CHRX 923, Walkersville Sou., Cheasapeake Ry Assoc., x-Greensboro/MD&Clayton/DE
Noblesville     IN  RF&P 926      ex-Central Indiana RR 60, wood, cupola, build 1942, Indiana Transportation Museum
Hallsboro?      VA  RF&P 931 (2)  steel, cupola, Hallsboro Yard, Old Dominion Chapter, National Railway Hist. Soc., GONE TO?
Hartwell        GA  RF&P 933 (2)  steel, cupola, Hartwell Railroad, Depot & Jackson Streets, 404-267-0070, poor condition
Strasburg       PA  RF&P 938?     Red Caboose Motel, from Maryland?
Hallsboro       VA  RF&P 951      as RF&P 824, wood, cupola, built 1904, Hallsboro Yard, Old Dominion Chapter, NRHS
Richmond        VA  RF&P 955      as RF&P 935, wood, cupola, John B. Cary Museum, Cary Elem. School, 3021 Maplewood Ave.

Cabooses may be moved or scrapped.  NEW INFORMATION IS APPRECIATED.  Trade for prints/slides of B&O, C&O, RF&P, & WM hacks.

    S. Roger Kirkpatrick, 109 S. Madison St., Cortez, CO 81321-3733, 970-564-0374, e-mail: caboose9@beyondbb.com

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Passenger Cars

Location Item(s) Owner Notes
Broad Street Station, Richmond RF&P ONE Science Museum of Virginia Business car of later years. Title transferred 5/98 to museum from state. Tracks reinstalled to some platforms, connected to CSX. Page is SMV's page on Car ONE.
Broad Street Station, Richmond RF&P 20 Science Museum of Virginia Kitchen/power car for RF&P ONE. Sold 1996 to a private collector by VRS, the museum bought it in 1998. At museum now with ONE. Car originally purchased by RF&P as coach #92 from the Bethlehem Shipbuilding Corporation It was renumbered to 531 in the 30s, air conditioned in the 40s, and retired in 1967. Rebuilt as kitchen-diner-sleeper #201 in 1967 for MW/wrecker service, re-retired in 1982, to be renumbered 20 and paired with ONE.
Richmond RF&P Office Car 100 Was City of Richmond Blt 1911 by Pullman. Was car for RF&P's president.

This car is still on the site, but deteriorated in condition to the point that the City wants to get it off of their hands. It is in very fragile shape. It will have to be removed by truck We know the caboose got saved, in the hands of Russ Dolbear.

Dover Park Siding, Jessup, MD NRHX 002 (Ex- RF&P 171) Washington DC Chapter, NRHS NRHX 002: was RF&P 171, lettered REA EXPRESS between doors; later, RF&P 224
Parksley, Va RF&P Baggage #174
Dover Park Siding, Jessup, MD NRHX 004 (Ex-RF&P 186) Washington DC Chapter, NRHS NRHX 004: was RF&P 186; then later, RF&P 229: Interior markings state: RF&P 186 Length 70' - 7" Width 9' - 2" I believe those are the interior dimensions of the car. This car is lettered 'Railway Express Agency' with a star, between the two doors.
Dover Park Siding, Jessup, MD NRHX 003 (Ex-RF&P 225) Washington DC Chapter, NRHS NRHX 003: was RF&P 225 MWT (only lettering on exterior); earlier #?? Car appears to have been sandblasted and repainted, no trace of block lettering. We think the MWT must mean something like Maintenance of Way-- do you have any idea about that?
Old Dominion Railway Museum
102 Hull Street, Richmond, Va
RF&P Express Car 185 Old Dominion Chapter NRHS From the ODCNRHS website: "Built by American Car and Foundry in 1937 and originally numbered 185 (one of six, 180-185; lot #1632). Converted and renumbered to Tool Car 230 in 1969. Donated by Richmond, Fredericksburg and Potomac in March 1984. Renovated for display at Old Dominion Railway Museum and renumbered to 185."
Hallsboro, Va RF&P coach #706 Old Dominion Chapter NRHS Restored; has been used on Buckingham Branch
RF&P coach 705 Yet to be restored.
RF&P coach 704 Yet to be restored.
RF&P coach 703 Yet to be restored.
Active VIA VIA 8140 (nee RF&P 801) Via Rail Canada HEP1
In storage on VIA Amt 5422 nee RF&P 803 Via Rail Canada
In storage on VIA Amt 5423 nee RF&P 804 Via Rail Canada
Active VIA VIA 8145 (nee RF&P 806) Via Rail Canada HEP1
Active VIA VIA 4121 (nee RF&P 851) Via Rail Canada HEP2
Covington, KY RF&P Coach 856 operable
Parksley, Va Pullman "Fairfax River"
Ft. Meyers, FL Pullman Sleeper "King William" Seminole Gulf Railway "Gasparilla" was built by the Pullman Company in 1949 and spent most of it years in service on the Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac Railroad as "King William," a sleeper with ten roomettes, five on each side with a center isle. Each room had its own door, it's own toilet facilities, its own privacy. The other half of the car had a side isle with six larger staterooms, that could be connected in pairs. A seventeenth bathroom and a small compartment for the car attendant was located at the vestibule end. The car was purchased by the "Autotrain" in 1970, as car number 632, and later by the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus from whom Seminole Gulf Railway acquired the car.
Royal Oak, Michigan Budd coach Bluewater Michigan Chapter, NRHS BMCX 857 was built as a 52 seat coach in 1947 by the Budd Company for the Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac Railroad. It was used primarily in New York-Florida service in such trains as the "Silver Meteor," the "Havana Special" and the "West Coast Champion" until the 1970's, when it was sold to Amtrak (which took over most American intercity passenger train services in 1971). Amtrak rebuilt the car into a 60 seat coach in 1974, and later sold the car to The Bluewater Michigan Chapter in 1984.
Staunton, Va Heavyweight coach #513 Alleghany Central RR Stored just west of station in Staunton, in AC livery
Heavyweight coach #514
Heavyweight coach #524
Meadow Farm-RF&P Park, Glen Allen, Va 500 series Heavyweight coach Henrico County Repainted to RF&P livery. Shade of Blue is a little light. County has nicely displayed.
100 series postal car Repainted to RF&P livery. County has nicely displayed.
Richmond (downtown off Valley Road near old ALCO Loco works) RF&P Express Car According to Chuck McIntyre, this Express car resides at the Old Steel Services Plant in Downtown Richmond. It is earlier in vintage than its counterparts owned by the Old Dominion & DC Chapters of NRHS.
Rumor has it that the former RF&P Heavyweight Diner, "Quantico" may be somewhere in Ohio

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Freight Cars

Location Item(s) Owner Notes
Wilmington Railroad Museum RF&P boxcar Wilmington Railroad Museum Is one of four featured items from their collection
Dillwyn RF&P side-dump car Buckingham Branch Railroad In use on BBR. Rappahannock Chapter NRHS has first rights once no longer in use.
Glen Allen VA RF&P Boxcar 2335MWM ? On display in a park. Is same # that was painted red & silver for the 150th in 1983.
Rio Vista Junction, CA RF&P Boxcar 2289 Western Railway Museum The 2289 and 2383 are single sheathed wood side 40 foot box cars with steel ends. They appears to be a USRA type car which have had the doors widened to about eight feet. The Museum acquired four wooden box cars from the US Navy's Concord Weapons Storage Depot in 1970. When these cars were acquired the Museum had no idea that they had a history of anything other than US Government service. However, inside each door on the wall of each car was the reporting marks of a railroad. Two of the cars were RF and P 2289 and 2383.
Rio Vista Junction, CA RF&P Boxcar 2383 Western Railway Museum

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Other RF&P Equipment

It should be noted that the last turntable from Potomac Yard has survived, and will be installed in the new pit at the Altoona Railroaders' Memorial Museum.

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