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Richmond, Fredericksburg and Potomac
D.C. Washington Union Station was the northern terminus of the RF&P's Old Dominion passenger service.
PY Potomac Yard was the northern terminus of the RF&P. Shortly before its demise, it was one of the most modern yards in the country. These days, its location is being developed into a new shopping complex. In years past, Conrail, Norfolk Southern and CP/D&H have done interchanging here.
Alexandria Alexandria is my stomping ground, with most of my pictures coming between PY and AF. The 1905 Station here is in the process of being restored.
AF AF is where the ex-Southern Line to Manassas splits from the RF&P. VRE's two lines split here as well.
Franconia In pre-Metro times, the sweeping curve at Franconia was an excellent photo spot. Just south of the grade lies the new Franconia/Springfield Metro Station, and a corresponding VRE platform. When this Metro extension opens, scheduled for 29 June, 1997, it will be the southern terminus of the Blue Line.
Newington The little used U.S. Government tracks to Fort Belvoir interchange here.
Lorton Lorton is the Northern terminus of Amtrak's Auto Train to Florida. About a half-mile south of the terminal a one-lane wooden bridge crosses over the tracks (Gunston Cove Road). North of the AutoTrain terminal is VRE's Lorton Station.
Colchester The little town of Colchester lies just north of the Occoquan. The bridge over the Occoquan can be viewed from here at mp 90.
Woodbridge Woodbridge boasts a new station to host VRE's functions.
Cherry Hill
Quantico Quantico is one of Amtraks Tidewater (Northeast Direct) service stops
Fredericksburg RF&P's Fredericksburg Station still stands, and the Virginia Railway Express' southern terminus is here.
Bowing Green Park
Rutner Glen
Doswell Doswell has the diamond from the old C&O Charlottesville - Richmond line. Most of the CSX traffic now stays on the RF&P. Kings Dominion is near here.
Ashland Ashland has the picturesque double-track main splitting main street.
Glen Allen
AY Acca Yard is the southern terminus of the RF&P. Here they interchanged with the ACL & SAL. The RF&P's Bryan Park shops were located here.
Richmond Broad Street Station in Richmond was shared between the ACL and the RF&P. Today, the tracks have been ripped out, and it is currently being used as a science museum.
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