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Preserved MoPac Power
Steam & Diesel Survivors

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The Survivors - Missouri Pacific and Predecessor Roads

The information I've gathered so far is spotty at best. Despite this, hopefully it is accurate. Surviving steamers of the MoP and its subsidiaries are very, very rare, and preservation efforts have been hampered by bad luck and finacial reasons. One Gulf Coast Lines 4-6-0 or 2-8-0 was to be set aside for preservation, but was wrecked while being moved to a secure site. MoPac's prolonged receivership was a major factor in the fact none of its "big steam" locos have survived for today.

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  • Updated information is in red hi-lighted boxes.
Steam Power
Current #
MoPac #
number? MP number? location? 0-6-0, display very poor condition, considered un-restorable
MP 124? MP 124? Dupo, Illinois
only the front-end exists - the city fathers didn't "want" a steam engine, display -
T&P 316 T&P 316 Palestine, Texas Housed at Texas State Railroad at Palestine, Texas fully restored and runnable engine


T&P 610 T&P 610 Palestine, Texas Housed at Texas State Railroad at Palestine, Texas display


FSSRI 2522
MP 2522 Paris, Arkansas
4-6-0, lettered Fort Smith, Subiaco and Rock Island 2522, display in very sad shape, it's one of only two known surviving MP steam engines
SLIM&S 2707 / IM 635 MP 2707, ex-Iron Mountain St. Louis, Missouri
National Museum of Transport, St.Louis, MO
display -

On Mike Palmieri's Louisiana Rail site is a Michael M. Palmieri photo of
at Bisso Towing Co., New Orleans, Louisiana. The photo is dated 12 December 1980.

Does anyone know if this loco still exists/where? I'd like to get any info on here if she's survived.

See Additional Reports of preservations at bottom of this page.

Diesel/Gas Power
Current #
MoPac #
MP 4502 / 975 MP 4502 / 975 St. Louis, Missouri
St. Louis National Railroad Historical Society, St. Louis, MO
ALCO RS-3. It was one of only two MP RS-3s never re-engined. Restoration began 1999 into original blue and gray scheme. Display Restoration still in progress.
MP 4124 ex-New York Central and Conrail #5712 from Kyle Railroad. Never owned by MoPac.

Downs, Kansas
Downs Missouri Pacific Depot, E. Railroad St., Downs, KS 67437.
On rails near former Missouri Pacific one-story brick depot.

EMD GP-7. Restoration began 1999 on GP-7. Refinished into authentic Missouri Pacific blue & gray Eagles scheme, with the original lettering patterns. A project of the Downs Historical Society. Update 1/02: Doug Brush reports that MP GP-7 #4124 was moved to a permanent section of track just east of the Downs Missouri Pacific Depot .
MP 3001
(Heart of the Heartlands site)
NO&LC 3001 (MP Subsidiary) Carona, Kansas
Heart of the Heartlands restored Missouri Pacific Depot (1996)
Plymouth WLD-2, Type 2 Engine, built 7/32, retired 10/61. Never wore MP designation. Recently donated/restored to HotHL. The little Gas-electric switcher is painted into a modified blue Mopac scheme. NO&LC owned 4 gas-electrics which paved the way for dieselization on the MoPac.

Preserved Locomotives Summaries

Don't forget to look over the additional
NOTES at the bottom for some interesting Survivor reports, including a possible ressurection of an old T&P steamer from a muddy Texas creek bed!

Paris, Arkansas

Looking down on the domes of #2522 - Elvin Klepzig photo

Former MoPac 2522, as FSSRI 2522, 4-6-0 steam engine

Paris City Park, Paris, AR

Located in a Paris, Arkansas city park is a little secret. Housed in a partially fenced railroad display and lettered as Fort Smith, Subiaco and Rock Island #2522 (or as Paris #2522 as seen in these three photos) is the former Missouri Pacific #2522, a 4-6-0 steam engine.

The Missouri Pacafic owned 128 (2301-2403, 2501-2525) of these TN-61 Class, 4-6-0 locomotives.

Though she is in very sad shape, suffering from extreme corrosion, her drivers sunk into the ground and a target for souvineer seekers and vandalism, the #2522 is one of only two known Missouri Pacific steam engines that has survived 'til today.

Recommended Links:


Dupo, Illinois

MP 124?, steam engine

Location, city park?

Only the front-end exists because the city fathers didn't want a steam engine donation.


Downs, Kansas

MP 4124, EMD GP7 diesel engine

The GP7 project is operated by the
Downs Historical Society, Downs KS.

Restoration work on this GP-7 into Missuri Pacific liverly began in 1999 . Refinished into authentic Missouri Pacific blue & gray Eagles scheme, with the original lettering patterns. The original MP 4124 was most likely the number of the first diesel in Downs during the wheat harvest of 1950. This GP7 was originally ex-New York Central and Conrail #5712 from Kyle Railroad. It was never owned by MoPac.

Doug Brush reports that #4124 was moved to a permanent section of track immediately east of the one-story brick Downs Missouri Pacific Depot (which will begin major restoration in May, 2002).

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St. Louis, Missouri

Former SLIM&S  2707 / IM 635, steam engine

The former Iron Mountain loco is located at the StLIM National Museum of Transport, 314-965-7998, I270 exit 8 follow signs, 3015 Barrett Station Rd 63122

Other equipment at the NMOT include:

  • MPHS Archives Caboose
  • MP X-136 Wrecker
  • ART 52461 Reefer American Refrigerator Transit 
  • SLIM&S 9779 Buggy car 
  • MP 750 Parlor-Observation 
  • CEI 405 Commuter coach 
  • HNS 604 Passenger car 
  • MP 6210 commuter coach 

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St. Louis, Missouri

MP 4502 / 975, ALCo RS-3 diesel engine

Project operated by the St. Louis Chapter NRHS, 2129 Barrett Station Road, PMB 271 St. Louis, Mo 63131-1638

This RS-3 was one of only two MP RS-3s never re-engined by MoPac. Restoration began in 2000 of this engine into it's original blue and gray scheme.

The Museum of Transport in St. Louis was able to acquire a former Missouri Pacific RS-3 road number 4502 / 975. This Alco unit is unique in that it is one of the few units of this class that were never re-engined by the Missouri Pacific. Prior to starting the GP-12 rebuild program in the 1960's on their fleet of RS-3's, the MoPac traded the 4502 / 975 and the 4504 / 977 to the Bauxite and Northern for an SW-1200 switch engine. As a result this locomotive escaped the rebuilding program. Eventually Equity Grain Coop of Houston purchased both units from the Bauxite and Northern, renumbering them as #1 and #2 respectively. The 4502 / 975/ #1 was retired in 1992 with a broken crank. With the 4504 / 977 / #2 being retired in 1992 due to a failure of a lower main bearing.

Shortly thereafter these units where donated to the Houston Chapter of the NRHS. The chapter then sold all the units to an individual in the Houston area. In 1995, this individual offered the #4502 to the Museum of Transport for a nominal amount.

In January of 2000, the cosmetic restoration of the MoPac RS-3 to its "as delivered" paint scheme began through the efforts of the NRHS and the Museuem of Transportation members and volunteers. (Background from RS-3 Project website)

Project Update:
2001 was a very good year for the Museum, with the ARM, NRHS and NMRA conventions. Given the work load on the volunteers and the desire to keep the museum fairly presentable, the museum staff and the volunteers working on the RS-3 made a decision to not start any major tasks on the locomotive during 2001.

What little time we had was spent on cleaning and removing grease, oil and rust accumulations, removal of the hood doors for paint stripping and repairs, and stripping paint from unit. The glazing has been removed and stored. Presently we are waiting for some warmer weather to resume work on the unit, this is required because the stripper does not function below about 60 degrees.

Please note that this project is funded by a grant from one of the St Louis Section NRHS members. The main problem we face in completing the restoration is getting volunteers, to date we have had six volunteers working on the project. To the best of my knowledge, none of these are members of the MPHS.

What You Can Do:
If any MPHS members are interested in helping they are more than welcome to join us. Please have them contact me (Steve Linhardt), I am listed in the St. Louis white pages and will be at the museum most weekends or they can contact me via E-mail . It is important that we know who and when volunteers are going to show up, nothing is more frustrating to a volunteer than to show up and not have work available.

On another front there may be a few other things that some MPHS members could help us out with. We could really use a couple of good color prints of this or one of its sisters in the original blue and grey paint. A side shot and both ends would be helpfully.

When we received the unit it was missing the air horns, marker lights and builder plates. The air horns appear to have been the long version of the Wabco E-2. We need to get two of the horns and all four of the markers. (Steve Linhardt)

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Palestine, Texas

T&P 316 - Former Texas & Pacific Steamer is at the Texas State Railroad in 1993. Here the locomotive was repainted and renumbered into its original number for a photographers weekend. - Steve Rude Photo/Jay Glenewinkel Collection

TSRR 201 / T&P 316, 4-6-0 steam engine

Housed at Texas State Railroad at Palestine (Rusk Shop), Texas

This engine is fully restored and repainted. TSRR No. 201 (Built by A. L. Cooke, 1901, 79 tons, 4-6-0) is the former No. 316 on the T&P, and then as 316 on the P&MP (Paris & Mount Pleasant).The T&P would then buy it back from the P&MP and sent it to Abilene, TX as T&P 75. In May 1974, it was donated to the Texas State Railway and was restored at TSR 201. The engine is class D-9, with 4-6-0 wheel arrangement at 4'-8.5" guage. It is owned by TSRR (as T&P) Texas State Railroad, and housed at Palestine, TX. It is operational. It is presently used as a backup to three other operating steam locomotives and usually can be seen at the Rusk shop.

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Texas State RR / T&P 316 - near Rusk, Texas - photo © Gary Morris

TSRR 201 / T&P 316 - lettered as #201 here. The Texas State 4-6-0 (ex T&P ex Paris & Mt Pleasant) seen between Rusk and Palestine,Texas; May 1982 - photo © Gary Morris


Palestine, Texas

T&P 610 - as seen more recently on display in Texas - photo © Chris John

T&P 610, 2-10-4 steam engine

Housed at Texas State Railroad at Palestine (Rusk Shop), Texas

Only a few years back this was a fully restored and operational steam engine once leased out for rail excursions by a Texas agency. The 610 is a 2-10-4 Lima built locomotive. The 4'-8.5" guage, I1a class locomotive is owned by Texas State Railroad and resides today at the Palestine shop, occasionally on display there. Due to budget constraints there are no plans to restore No. 610 to operating condition at this time.

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T&P 610 - in a dramatic night shot on Freedom Train at Houston Union Station, February 1976 - photo © Gary Morris



Additional Reports

In addition to the above, there is a report of a 0-6-0 (no number, no location) in storage somewhere in the South which is in very poor condition, and considered un-restorable.

T&P 909 - there has also been a report of an ex- New York Central 3001 that came to T&P as no. 909 that has been preserved.

T&P 400 (410) - an E-4-A, 2-8-2, 4'-8.5", T&P (FW&D) is reported to be displayed at a city park (Pope & S.Wash) in Marshall, Texas.

T&P 642 - a 4-4-0 / 4'-8.5" is said to still be at the bottom of Village Creek near Handley (annexed in 1946, it is now part of far west Arlington / east Ft. Worth), Texas. T&P 642 was/is an 'American' class 4-4-0 that fell into Village Creek near Handley, TX during a flood in 1885. A group of investors hope to turn the old T&P Passenger Terminal in downtown Ft. Worth into a railroad-themed hotel, and they're hoping to get the funds to extract the engine still buried under the creekbed.

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"Bertha" (0-6-2) and "Rosa" (0-4-4) - a pair of narrow guage sugarcane steam engines once owned by a Donaldson, Louisiana branch of the T&P were reported to be preserved and running in the Lampasas, Texas on the Westerfield Railroad as recently as late 1995. (Read the whole story in the Spring & Summer 1996 MPHS EAGLE Magazine)

Rio Grande Railroad Company #1 - a 2-4-2 42-inch guage steamer is possibly the oldest surviving U. S. narrow guage locomotive. Due to the twists and turns of railroad mergers and divisions over the past 100 years this very old engine has ties that link it to the rosters of several roads including the St. Louis, Brownsville & Mexico Railway Co., a subsidiary of the Missouri Pacific. RGRR No. 1 was reported to still be in existence in Brownsville, Texas as late as 1992, though it has suffered many modifications and considerable corrosion over the last century plus. (read about it in the Winter 1992 MPHS EAGLE Magazine)

For More about MoPac Preservation see


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