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MoPac Right of Way -
Sight Seeing

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Sight Seeing
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MP Route in Nebraska Today
  List of MP Sights Across the Country


MoPac Right of Way -
Sight Seeing

State-by-state Listing of MoPac Structures/Equipment
as of 2007

Print this out and take it along with you for your next road trip. Here's something of an incomplete listing of sights you might see today traveling across the old Missouri Pacific territory. More info will be added as it's collected, so check back once in awhile. Of course any of the items are subject to changes, and this list is meant only as a guide.

Newest entries to this list are indictated by RED type.

Note: Some of these listings may be out-dated! Due to the large area covered, it is impossible to confirm every reported sight.

Preserved caboose locations can be found Here on Elvin Klepzig's very thorough caboose list.

If you have a MoPac-related sight worth visiting or find any mistake stated in the information given here, please share by dropping us an Email.


  • Corning - along 67 highway there is a restored section house or tool shed

  • Cotter - depot and caboose, 5th to Warrior Park

  • Helena - depot and caboose, Missouri St

  • Kelso - MP Depot (museum?)

  • Kennesett - MP caboose

  • Little Rock - Little Rock Union Station (near State Capitol). Near MP main line overpass is Jenks Shop. Main St. crosses over the MP at Locust St Tower. Right below the bridge in a track maintenance yard is/was a MP mail storage box and an old pre-WWII boxcar.

  • McGhee - MP depot and caboose, S 1st St & Seamans

  • Newport - two 70' Express cars

  • Paris - a 0-6-0 steam locomotive, I believe this is lettered Fort Smith, Subiaco and Rock Island 2522.... the former MoPac 2522. Though in very sad shape, it's one of only two known surviving Missouri Pacific steam engines.

  • PB - a 70' Express car

  • Prescott - MoPac Depot, Nevada County Depot Museum


  • Pueblo - Magor-style caboose #1234, once used as visitor center , Pueblo Locomotive & Rail Historical Society, Union Depot


  • Dupo - MP 124?, only the front-end exists because the city fathers didn't want a steam engine donation.

  • Rossville - C&EI Depot, Rossville Depot Railroad Museum, Danville Chapter NRHS

  • Watseka - C&EI Depot, Iroquois County Historical Society


  • Atchison - ATSF Railroad museum has MP wide vision cabooses, Eagle Merchandise and Baggage cars in blue/grey scheme, a snowplow converted from an old steam-tender, as well as other equipment. - Confirmed 2001

  • Baldwin City - caboose with Depot & coaches, West of town

  • Blue Rapids - T&P-built, steel caboose MP 12154, City park

  • Carona - Mopac depot (near Pittsburg, KS and Big Brutus), with an ex-MoPac Plymouth switcher.

  • Council Grove - wood frame station (still in yellow/brown) (1890's), wood frame telephone booth (1910)

  • Council Grove - Standard steel/welded MP 13464

  • Downs - Downs Historical Society, GP7 #4124 project. - Update 1/02: Doug Brush reports that MP GP-7 #4124 was moved to a permanent section of track just east of the Downs Missouri Pacific Depot (which will begin major restoration in May, 2002).
    Downs, Kansas Depot
    l  Railroad Town (Downs, Kansas) l

  • Kingman - MoPac Depot, Kingman County Historical Society Museum

  • Leavenworth - brick 2 story station, now a senior citizens rec. center. (Located near the river)

  • Osawatomie - Horizontally wood-sheathed caboose MP 13279

  • Scammon - Heart of the Heartlands, restored MP Carona depot, excursions and motorcar rides

  • Scott City - depot and Eagle merchandise boxcar

  • Wichita - ex-C&EI in MP-paint Standard steel caboose at Great Plains Transportation Museum, 700 East Douglas, Upper Level (the museum is located ABOVE street level, beside the mainline. Look for where the track overpass crosses over the main street -- the station is located up there. You will need to travel parallel to the tracks a few blocks to enter the level), Union Station Complex - Confirmed 2001



  • Aurora - MoPac Depot

  • Belton - MP coach 582 and caboose, 502 S Walnut Street, Hwy 71 to Y to Commercial, Smokey Hill RR Museum

  • Bonne Terre - The old Missouri-Illinois depot should still be standing. When I last saw it 10 years ago, it had been converted into a restaurant. It had been repainted some garish Victorian colors, but the structure itself was intact. As MP depots go, it's a one-of-a-kind. It was built around 1900 by the St. Joe Lead Co. for its Mississippi River & Bonne Terre Railroad, later taken over by Mike & Ike. Curved glass windows in the turret. The ground floor was for the local agent. Second floor was the dispatcher's office for the M-I. (B. Edmonson) - Confirmed 2001

  • Charleston - unique depot, but in poor condition and not likely to be restored

  • Dexter - depot (brick?) in excellent condition

  • Fredricktown - restored depot (the project is still looking for a caboose to add beside the building).

  • Jefferson City - brick station (1900's)

  • Kirkwood - rock station (late 1890's)

  • Lees Summit - brick station (1910?), a stone's throw from the MP caboose located at Howard Station Park. Amtrak (ex-Missouri Pacific) Depot, US50 to 3rd St E at S Main.

  • Lohmann - wood frame station (1910?)

  • Olean - wood frame station - restored back to yellow/brown (1880's)

  • Oran - depot

  • Pleasant Hill - Missouri Pacific Depot and caboose, 7th Street

  • Poplar Bluff - MoPac Depot, Poplar Bluff Railroad Museum

  • Sedalia - brick (modernized in the 1950's)

  • Sikeston - depot

  • Silver Dollar City, Branson - MP 13041 SBW caboose sighted on blocks in August 2007

  • Speed - wood frame station (1870's?)

  • St. Louis - former Iron Mountain loco (SLIM&S  2707 IM635 Steam engine), and the M.P. Historical Society Archives both reside at the StLIM National Museum of Transport, 314-965-7998, I270 exit 8 follow signs, 3015 Barrett Station Rd 63122
    Other equipment at the NMOT include:
    MP X-136 Wrecker
    ART 52461 Reefer American Refrigerator Transit 
    SLIM&S 9779 Buggy car 
    MP 750 Parlor-Observation 
    CEI 405 Commuter coach 
    HNS 604 Passenger car 
    MP 6210 commuter coach 

    Also, the St. L. National Railroad Historical Society's MOPAC RS3 Restoration Project is in the area.

  • Warrensburg - stone station (late 1880's?)

  • Washington - depot is probably the only wooden depot standing between St. Louis and Kansas City, with bay window.
    MP 630 Passenger ex-Milwaukee CMSTP&P next to depot in UP Yellow to be put in EAGLE colors


  • Crete - Wood MP depot from Weeping Water, NE relocated to a private farm here.

  • Falls City - nice (but forgotten) brick one story MP Station with MP "Route of the Eagles" boxcar and MP 40' flatcar (located west of the bridge, where UP & BNSF tracks cross), w/ UP caboose. The depot is likely the last MP structure of it's kind still in place in Nebraska. Station is used for storage. On a good day there are many old MP freight cars are in the yard.
    Also, according to one source, the old roundhouse is still standing, but I have doubts this info is up-to-date.

  • Lincoln - small wood MPdepot relocated from Walton at Folsom Children's Zoo (I believe this is now gone). Also +20 miles of MoPac right-of-way from Lincoln to Elmwood is preserved as public trail.

  • Nebraska City - A number of old MP buildings/depots are supposed to have been re- located around here. John Brown's Cave, 20th St. & 4th Corso. Open April 1 - Nov. 30, Mon-Sat: 10am-5pm & Sun: Noon-5pm. Refurbished MoPac Depot now called the "Otoe RR Station" and serves as a gift shop. The depot was built in 1905 in the town of Berlin, later Otoe. It was donated to the museum and moved here.

  • Omaha - Union Pacific museum and archives, and HQ for the company. Call ahead before visiting to inquire about MP related material from the archives. Also, just across the Missouri River in Council Bluffs, Iowa are the UP yard and shop facilities, good location to see some old MP equipment. In Omaha some of the old MoPac right-of-way is preserved as public path.

  • Weeping Water - old wood tool shed still stands.


  • Wagoner - MP MofW Pullman. A few miles north of Wagoner behind a restaurant on the east side of Highway 69. Also includes the ex Wagoner Katy Depot, a caboose, and an ex-MP MofW Pullman (Rio series sleeper). It is part of the dining area. - Confirmed


  • -



  • Atlanta - MP 15152 MWT Passenger, hwy 43 into town to Main turn E cross tracks R on East St 2 blocks

  • Anderson - beautifully restored 1901 Missouri Pacific Railroad depot houses a museum, w/ MP caboose 12133. Open Mon. - Fri. 9 a.m. - 5 p,m.; Sat, 9 a.m. - I p.m. 514 N. High St. Admission.

  • Austin - Hill Country Flyer stream tourist operation w/ MP passenger car Eagle Cliff #640

  • Bay City - depot and caboose, Avenue G & 2nd Street, 2600 block hwy 35 to Ave G, south to depot

  • Dallas - MP 1143 xT&P 1506/1560/1677 Coach or chair car, Fair Park Washington Ave entrance by RR tracks.
    Also, MP 1038 xT&P 64/916Baggage/RPO, Fair Park Washington Ave entrance by RR tracks, 214-428-0101

  • Denton - Depot. Caboose #13622 is about 2 blocks north of the old depot (the depot is being moved if it doesn't fall in on its self).

  • Edgewood - MP 786628, US 80 N on N Houston at E Oak w/UP cab 25644, Depot, Murchison, TX

  • Georgetown - MP 615 & 640 passenger, on Georgetown RR

  • Henderson - beautifully restored 1901 Missouri Pacific Railroad depot houses a museum, w/ MP caboose 12133. Open Mon. - Fri. 9 a.m. - 5 p,m.; Sat, 9 a.m. - I p.m. 514 N. High St. Admission. Link

  • Marshall - T&P Depot, Marshall Depot (Museum). In addition to the depot, T&P #400, a 2-8-2 streamer, was in the city park, although not in public view. When the boiler started shedding asbestos lagging, the city fathers responded by building a metal shed around it. The locomotive is actually a Fort Worth & Denver model that the T&P bought second-hand. It's reputed to be the last steam locomotive to operate on the MP, during floods along the Red River in the late 1950s. (B. Edmonson) Note: this is a sighting made 10-years ago and may be currently out-dated.

  • Minneola - T&P / MP Depot and caboose, Railroad Museum, US 69 & US 80

  • New Braunfels - I&GN (MP) Depot RR Museum and caboose on San Antonio

  • Palestine - TP 610, a fully restored and runnable steam engine once leased out for rail excursions by a Texas agency.

  • Pecos - TPX 4486 MOW box, 300 First St US 80 to Ash St, north to 1st

  • San Antonio - The former International & Great Northern depot went through an award-winning restoration about 12 years ago. It's now the main office of the city employees' credit union. Most of the IGN architectural features were retained, including stained glass windows and weathervane figure on top of the cupola.I hope these help. (B. Edmonson) - Confirmed 2001

  • Sherman - (dowtown, along the tracks behind several warehouses), has about five to eight MoPac boxcars still in good shape (not sure if these are old boxcars are modern and in service).

  • Temple - MP 615/233 passenger, 119 N 19th St at West Barton behind a building not there 5/96

  • Wills Point - T&P Depot, Wills Point Historical Museum


Recommended Links:
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at MPHS member Elvin Klepzig's Doniphan Branch site
for Caboose locations across the country

NATIONAL RAILWAY HISTORICAL SOCIETY & Railroad Attractions sorted by name

This Sightseeing List is also available at
the MoPac Historical Society Website
additional material provided by Elvin Klepzig and Charlie Duckworth

es System Timetable No. 4, April 15, 1973
Missouri Pacific Railroad Co.

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