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CSX in N. Florida and S. Georgia
Updated 8-9-2003  Current Picture Count = 44
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        CSX remains a favorite railroad of mine. I grew up watching and chasing CSX locomotives around my home in Florida. I didn't take pictures as a kid here, which I really regret! Anyhow, the images below represent the crop of photos that I have caught on return trips to the area. Most encompass the Florida Funnel area and around Baldwin, FL, site of a large yard, where a majority of traffic to Tampa and points south passes. The Vegas pictures span a greater time frame, and show a wave of CSX power seen here in the west especially during late 2000 and early 2001.

        Click on a Thumbnail to View larger image. * after thumbnail denotes image added at latest update given above. All Images Copyright, Use for profit by permission only. For information on CSX in and around the Florida Funnel go see Bob Pickering's site.

Callahan Sub

CSX 388  Crawford, FLCSX 7804  Baldwin, FLCSX 4305  Crawford, FLCSX 7079  Crawford, FLCSX 9025  Baldwin, FL*

Nahunta Sub...Callahan, FL

CSX 8663  Callahan, FLCSX 8663  Callahan, FLCSX 7784  Callahan, FLCSX 7784  Callahan, FL

Nahunta Sub...Folkston, GA

CSX 541  Folkston, GACSX 7570  Folkston, GACSX 7680  Folkston, GACSX 625  Folkston, GACSX 638  Folkston, GACSX 7707  Folkston, GA

Nahunta Sub...others

CSX 7812  Boulogue, FLCSX 7812  Boulogue, FL

Tallahassee Sub

CSX 9031  Baldwin, FLCSX 7764  Sanderson, FLCSX 7347  Baldwin, FLBNSF 6908  Baldwin, FL

Wildwood Sub

CSX 1  Waldo, FLCSX 8469  Baldwin, FLCSX 9000  Baldwin, FLCSX 6010  Baldwin, FL

Misc Florida

CSX 7324  Jacksonville, FLCSX 2  Indiantown, FLCSX 6055  West Palm Beach, FLFURX 3022  Indiantown, FLCSX 423  Indiantown, FLCSX 7851 Near Delta, FL*

CSX Abbeyville, GA Sub

CSX 326  Auburn, GACSX 6643  Athens, GACSX 7039  Athens, GACSX 7905  Gloster, GACSX 8028  Winder, GA

Las Vegas, NV

CSX 33  Wann, NVCSX 7899  Las Vegas, NVCSX 9040  Las Vegas, NVCSX 7798  Las Vegas, NVCSX 735  Valley, NVCSX 7887  Las Vegas, NV

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