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The Union Pacific Railroad

Updated: 01/04/2008  Current Picture Count (ALL PAGES) = 500+

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    The Union Pacific Railroad, the oldest railroad company still operating under its original herald, also has to be, by most accounts, the largest railroad in the world. Especially if you define largest by sheer numbers. For example: almost 39,000 miles of track, more than 6,800 locomotives (and climbing), over 100,000 pieces of rolling stock, and operations covering 23 states. With 51,000 employees, UP also ranks right up there with some of the largest corporations in America.

    This page will be my meager attempt to portray my small view of this massive railroads' daily operations that stretch from Chicago, St. Louis, New Orleans, and Houston to every major port on the west coast of America. Mergers have helped the UP to amass this vast network that it now operates, and with that in mind this archive will feature trains of post merger UPRR and will include all SP, CNW and other companies absorbed over the past few years.  Also, to help with organization, I will geographically arrange the page, I.E. Las Vegas pictures together, Salt Lake City pictures together, and so forth. So please enjoy, and follow the appropriate link to the section you'd like to visit, heck spend some time and look at them all!

    I have begun to highlight the UP subdivision that I visit the most. Included are the Cima, Caliente, and Evanston Subs. Future subs in the works include the Lyndyll, Mojave, and Provo subs.

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UP's Lyndyll Sub 3 pages of pics and info on this sub that lies between Salt Lake City and Milford UT. Updated: 1-9-2005


UP's Caliente Sub  4 pages of pics, maps, and info from Las Vegas, NV and Milford, UT. Updated: 11-27-2003

UP's Cima Sub  4 pages of pics, maps, and info to this sub that lies between Las Vegas, NV and Yermo, CA. Updated: 4-25-2003


Overland Route

UP's Evanston Sub  2 pages of pictures from Green River, WY to Ogden, UT.  Updated:  01-04-2008

North & Central California

UP's Mojave Sub 3 pages of pics and info from Bakersfield and West Colton, CA. (includes Cajon and Tehachapi!) Updated: 3-9-2005

UP in Northern California: 21 pictures from the Feather River Canyon. Added 5-31-2004

 Photo Slideshows

Slideshow along UP's Cima Sub.  31 pictures from a spring day on Cima Hill in 2003.

Other Locations

UP in Colorado, Nebraska, and Wyoming: 43 pictures from a week long trip in 2001. Added 2-22-2004



Reno, NV

UP 5784  Reno, NVUP 5793  Reno, NV

Barstow / Daggett / Cajon, CA...

UP 6299 Summit, CAUP 8517  Barstow, CAUP 4045  Daggett, CA

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