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These are a few of my Sante Fe photos. More will be added as time permits. To see the full sized version of an image click on it's thumbnail.

SF10SF10JPEG Image1156 x 79279,57210/25/99Sante Fe "Geeps" in front of KC's UNion Station. Photos taken from Union Station platform. Note the absence of dynamic brakes.
SF11SF11JPEG Image1156 x 79281,06510/25/99Another "Geep". This one has dynamic brakes.
SF12SF12JPEG Image1156 x 792106,86610/25/99A trio of "Geeps" on the shop tracks at Sante Fe's Argentine Desiel shop.
SF13SF13JPEG Image1156 x 79288,32710/25/99One of Sante Fe's many Dash 8's in the Blue/Yellow scheme.
SF14SF14JPEG Image1156 x 792100,33610/25/99Another "Geep" at Argentine. This one between two of the "Super Fleet" units.
SF15SF15JPEG Image1156 x 79276,58110/25/99This old "Geep" looks like it's seen better days. It is on the lead to the paint shop at Argentine.
SF16SF16JPEG Image1156 x 79272,60510/25/99The GP30 has a fresh coat of paint. Quite a contrast to the unit in front of it.
SF17SF17JPEG Image1156 x 79268,50410/25/99An east bound Dash 9 heading for Chicago on the Marceline Subdivision. This one leads one of the many stack trains that run this route from Chicago through KC and on to L.A.
SF18SF18JPEG Image1156 x 79283,83010/25/99A Dash-9 approaching the Missouri River bridge in Sibley, MO.
SF19SF19JPEG Image1156 x 79282,23910/25/99A cabless GP60 is in a consist on the Gateway Western rolling through Grain Valley, MO
SF20SF20JPEG Image1156 x 79277,50510/25/99A shot of the shop tracks at the Argentine yard.
SF21SF21JPEG Image1156 x 792100,17210/25/99A Dash 9 returning to service after being repaired at the Argentine Shops.
SF22SF22JPEG Image1156 x 79267,35410/25/99A stack train crossing the Missouri River at Sibley, MO. This is the only section of single track on the Marceline sub, and makes for a great train watching spot. The traffic is almost non-stop.
SF23SF23JPEG Image1156 x 79298,68210/25/99This Dash 9 is sitting on the siding at Grain Valley, MO. It is in a KCS consist pulling a grain train.
SF3SF3JPEG Image1156 x 79273,23510/25/99Sante Fe units pull a Gateway Western train east through Grain Valley, MO
SF4SF4JPEG Image1156 x 79255,42610/25/99This Dash 8 was in BN's Marray Yard in KCMO. Note the BN SD70MAC behind it.
SF5SF5JPEG Image1156 x 79255,67110/25/99One of Sante Fe's GE fleet.
SF6SF6JPEG Image1156 x 79258,96810/25/99A Dash 8 leads this train west-bound through Grain Valley, MO
SF7SF7JPEG Image1445 x 99092,27910/25/99Here are a couple of the "Topeka Cabs" awaiting assignment.
SF8SF8JPEG Image1156 x 79276,47610/25/99Another shot of the Argentine shops.
SF9SF9JPEG Image1156 x 79282,79210/25/99This was taken in the early days of the merger. This was still an unusual sight. Note the BN switcher in the line of SF unit awaiting service at the Argentine shops.
SF@tif FileN/A2,748,15210/25/99

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