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All Aboard!!!!!!!

      The Trains are about to leave.....

     I first got involved with trains when I was young.  My Dad bought a train set and it came with a Model Power Baldwin Sharknose in the CN Zebra Stripe scheme.  I don't remember much about the layout he built for except for the fact that I had to crawl under it to get to the center opening where everything was controlled.  I kept the Loco and the cars for many years until later, they finally disappeared in to the mist of the past.  I don't know what ultimately happened to it.  In about 1980 my Dad bought me an N-Scale train and we made the layout on a door.  I was never really interested in it at the time.

    Years later...  1996 to be precise, a friend and I went to Supertrain with our kids.  My son was 2 yrs old at the time and he was thrilled with what he saw.  After the show Barry made me an offer on some extra trains stuff he had.  Out of it I got a cheap Bachmann F-7a in Via colours, 2 blue Con-Cor Via Cars, other freight cars, and track with power supply.  From this meager start I have expanded to a present inventory of over 35 Locomotives and rolling stock in excess of 50 cars.

    I am collecting 5 different Railroads.  CP, UP, SP, CN, and Pennsylvania.  Complete rosters can be reached through the links on the left.  The main reason I am collecting Pennsy loco's is for the CG-1 and the Sharknose.  I also have an IHC C-Liner in Pennsy colours.  Pennsylvania RR ran some interesting locomotives that no other RR ran.

    The primary road name for my collection is Canadian Pacific.  Living in Calgary Ab I see CP all the time.  There are two yards here that do Loco repair and upkeep.  The new EMD SD9043MAC's were assembled here at the Ogden Shops.  I started with an Athearn AC4400 in the twin flag scheme.  I found that it was having problems pulling anything more then 13 cars up the grade on the local club layout so I decided I needed to invest in a second locomotive to alleviate this problem.  While visiting PMS Hobbycraft I saw an Atlas SD-26 in UP colours.  My wife thought it was ugly, but I was able to envision it behind my 4400 pulling a nice long consist up the grade.  I was able to pick up a used one at Trains & Such that already had the Kadee couplers installed.

    Thus began the UP collection.  My biggest draw to UP is the fact that they ran some of the largest, biggest horsepower locomotives ever.  Everything from the Big Boys and Challengers, to the Big Blow Turbines.  The only large diesels to get outside of brass are the DD40's.  Athearn has a psuedo DD40 available but it is very inaccurate.  Bachmann does the proper DD-40 in the Spectrum Line.  I was able to get a good deal on one at a train show.  I have unit 6922.  This I find ironic as my birthday is July 22/1969.  This unit comes with two motors in it and a working beacon on the roof.  I did some minor rearranging to the horn, firecracker antenna on the cab roof to match the pictures I have of the unit.

Here is another shot of a DD40 on a turntable.  I believe that this was taken in Cheyenne Wy.

    UP is also well known for their large steam Locomotives,  the Big Boys, and Challengers.  The Challengers weighed in at 1.07 million pounds and was built by Alco.  UP took delivery of this particular unit in 1943.  Intended to supplement the Bog Boys in hauling fruit from California to Florida they also saw duty pulling passenger trains.  The later Challengers were able to easily reach speed of 75 to 80 Mph and were well suited to the passenger service.  UP has restored Challenger 3985 to running condition and it has been featured on TLC's Extreme Machines.  There is nothing in the world more impressive than a steam locomotive running with a full head of steam.  When there are two sets of cylinders pumping the drive wheels it is doubly impressive.

Challenger 3985


Project Pages:

Review Page;
last update; 0005.22
    Reviews of Locomotives and accessories on my layout.

Detailing a CPR 4400;
    How I went about super-detailing my Athearn CPR AC4400.

Building a SD90MAC;
    Building and painting a Rail Power Product's SD-9043MAC.

Adding a Comfort Cab to a C44-9
     Replacing the factory cab with an H&D's Own comfort cab.

My Layout;
    Still Under construction.  Some back ground on what is happening and how.

Photo Reference Pages:

CP Rail Photo collection;
AC4400 Details;

CN Rail Photo collection;

Shane Stewart's Canadian Railroads Page;
    An amazing collection of Photographs of Canadian Railroads.


Canadian Pacific Roster;
    A listing with images of the diesel Locomotives that the CPR has used.

My CPR Roster;
    A listing of the CPR Loco's in my collection, with images.

My Union Pacific Roster;
    A listing of the UPR / Southern Pacific Loco's in my collection, with images

My Miscellaneous Roster;
    Canadian National, Pennsylvania Railway and other Loco's with images.

Journey to Utopia Planitia, Section G where my starships can be seen and you can follow the construction of special ships.

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