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Links to some other LunarLight Photography web pages -

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Links to some favorite Railfan sites -

Associated Harbor Subdivision Obsessors home page Western Discussion Board is DEFINITELY worth a visit.

Altamont Press Railroad news, good discussion board, the famous Railfan Timetables, and news of Winterail!

Railroad Crossings Brett Wirick's Railroad photography from around the Southwestern USA, featuring lots of good location info.

Cajon Pass Rail Group Offers lots of good information on this famous pass through California's Transverse Range.

The Dispatcher's Office George Noller has some great photos from the old AT&SF San Bernardino dispatching office, amoungst other interesting things.

Evan Werkema's Santa Fe Subjects

Southern Pacific Historical and Technical Society A great resource for information on the old Southern Pacific Coast Line from Los Angeles to San Francisco.

headsupcoastfans A good place to keep up on happenings on the UP Coast Line.

Metrolink Official Web Site

Rail Map of Los Angeles Harbor Interesting, though already out of date, given how fast the area is changing.

Port of LA. Los Angeles Harbor Comission official web site. Lots of good links!

Rails Around The Bay - a site on San Francisco Bay railroading.

Western Pacific Railroad Historical Society

Sacramento Northern A really good site on this historic line.

Tidewater Southern A really good site on this historic line.

Tidewater Southern .com Another good Tidewater Southern site.

Locomotive Operating Manuals Lots of good information on historic species of diesel locomotives.

Railway Signaling Technical Society

Don Strack Utah Rails

Historic Packing Houses in Southern California

Links to some really good railroad photography sites

Somewhere West of Denver Chuck Donaldson's site featuring tight, dynamic compositions.

Don Winslow Railroad Photography features BNSF action in the Southern California desert with very high quality images.

Don's Darkroom Don Bowen's darkroom in Exeter has produced some rare images of San Joaquin Valley shortlines, along with a lot of other good stuff.

A Distant Signal. Judd Spittler presents some really good digital imagery, including moonlight on Cajon Pass.

Sam Reeves Photography presents well composed Northern California railroad images, as well as some nice landscapes.

Ken Rattenne's Railroad Pages from the San Francisco Bay area, and his famous coverage of the WP.

Bob Morris Photography has an increadible supply of images from when it wasn't "all crap".

Steve Schmollinger Photography

North American Rails Martin Oscarsson presents lots of good photos from all over the continent.

Mountain West Rail Paul Birkholz presents the work of several good western photographers.

The Works of O. Winston Link This is an unofficial site but represents Link's work very well.

I visit Anaheim Al when I want to seem some Orange County action.

BNSF foamer is a website based in Bellingham, WA.

Jim Springer's rail photography Jim get's around and has some nice offerings.

Center for Railroad Photography & Art

Model Railroading Sites

South Bay Modular Railroad Club - Portable HO Scale Railroading I am Vice President and Secretary of this club.

Orange County Module Railroaders A really fine modular group, worth a visit.

Belmont Shores Model Railroad Club These guys have a very impressive N-scale setup in San Pedro.

Some other useful stuff:

Monitor Calibration Instructions for optimizing your computer monitor for viewing on-line photographs!

New stuff I haven't catagorized yet

a list of california railroads

Los Angeles and Redondo Railroad

The Electric Railway Historical Association of Southern California

The Los Angeles River Railroads

A page of links to pages of links

Rail Links dot com Another great list of rail links!

Redondo Beach Street Names - includes another LA&I person

US Gypsum Railroad

Northwest's Own Rail Fan

More to come when I get the time!

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