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Train Sound Files    


This page is made up of WAV and MP3 (audio) files of train sounds - Check them out! Feel free to use the .wavs as Window's sounds on your PC for Personal Use Only.

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To learn about locomotive horns, and hear more recordings visit the Locomotive Horn Section

My WAVs:

Here's some very early recordings of my first horns. This is my M5 horn, with the #4 bell facing backwards:
My M5 multiple blasts (the last three honks are with the horn facing backwards). 658K

My K5LA My first horn ever, a K5LA put on the CNY NRHS E8 #808 while running an excursion train. 624K

Amtrak WAVs:

Unbelievable recordings of an engineer friend playing tunes on the horns!
*The First Concert,blown on a P32AC-DM horn including "Jingle Bells," "How Much Wood Could a Woodchuck Chuck?," "Shave and a Haircut, Two Bits". 1099K - very long file, but worth it!!!

*F40 394's horn - "Jingle Bells," and "Shave and a Haircut". 401K

*F40 316's horn - same songs as 394. 586K


E60 hornone blast. 141K

F40 horn (K5LA) 12K

F40 #215 multiple blasts (P5A horn) - recorded by Terry Johnson. 370K

F40 #240three blasts (P5A horn) - recording by Terry Johnson. 92K

F40 #259 at RR Xing (K5LA) - recorded by Terry Johnson. 491K

F40 #309at RR Xing (M5 horn - very loud and "spine tingling" when blown all the way) - recorded by Terry Johnson. 492K

F40 #340 (at grade crossing- awesome!) 1044K

F40 #369 at a crossing (K5LA) -recorded by Terry Johnson. 204K

F40 #369at a crossing (differnt sound - shows how unique the K5LA can sound when theres a different engineer and manual valve in the cab) - recorded by Terry Johnson. 335K

F40 399 at two RR Xings (cool K5LA) - recorded by Terry Johnson. 416K

FL9 horn(highballing K5LA) 22K

FL9 - Jingle bells 287K

Genesis I (P40) - K5LA horn(K5LA) 26K

GP40TC: #197arriving station (K5LA). 254K

GP40TC: #198 (K5LA) one blast. 25K

Steam Locomotives:
A single note whistle and a chime whistle talking back and forth (MP3 format - 40 seconds). Recording from - "40th Anniversary Commemorative of the Reading T-1"
A single note whistle blowing for a crossing (MP3 format - 32 seconds). Recording from - "Accent on Steam"
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