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Sample Site 1
The Brinkworth Railway History //Railserve //Rail Industry Weblinks.doc /
A web page which I designed on which to display the History of The Brinkworth Railway in South Australia The Mid North Railway System" which also includes Photos of SteamTown and Loco W901 and also a lot of information of this Rail System in the Years of Steam.
Sample Site 2
Terowie. was a great railway town, and Historic sites including the Old Station buildings. The Platforms and a few Kilometers of Broad Gauge track need to be preserved and protected from Vandalism , I have put together a bit of information and have made up a few pages and included my photos at :
Sample Site 3
My friend David's Web Page where you will find a lot of Very interesting information on Australian Railways.

Peterborough Railway History // History.text //Re-Sleepering.jpeg Track,Upgrade.text //Tags.note / Rail Pass / Wool Freight.note / Orders.txt Battery Inspection.card //gangers.note/ RedTag.jpeg / InspCar.jpeg
Confirmation Station Open 2002
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Current Projects

Indian Pacific //Anniversary.jpeg // IP. notes // IP&GM27.jpeg // IP Service.jpeg Passenger service runs Twice weekly between Sydney and Perth, The service is operated and owned by "Great Southern Railways" This service will celebrate its 30th Anniversary on the 23rd of February this year 2000. // IP. medal..jpg

Ghan // The"Ghan".jpeg // Dining-Ghan.jpeg // Chef-Ghan.jpeg

Luxury passenger service carrying Tourists from Sydney to Australia's Red Centre at Alice Springs passengers travel in air conditioned comfort with excellent meals prepared on board .

Freight //Road&Rail. / Loco-Life.Note / BL,Class. / DL,Class. / EL51. /CL,class /Note
Several freight Companies run Rail Services through My Station , situated at the Halfway point between Sydney and Ceduna at Peterborough in the Mid North of South Australian Ore train also runs twice daily between Broken Hill and Port Pirie
Trailer Railers //Trailer Railer.jpeg // Trailer.Note // Trail Rail2.jpeg
A new rail service has commenced this year 1999, made up of Road Trailers mounted on special bogies , a new concept of the old Flat Top method of Carrying Road Trailers on the railways , this new service started of with 6 Trailers and has now grown to around 16/20 Trailers.
Steel Products Freight // Steel.jpeg // BHP: Loading Steel // BHP: wagons
Also commenced August 1999 was a Steel Freight service taking Billets from Whyalla to Newcastle and returning to Whyalla with Finished products, Plate and Wire etc. This service travels up and down with two trains most days.
Monthly Passenger Lists // My-Passengers.jpeg
My station has been showing a vast increase in passenger usage over the past 8 months due mainly to my advertising campaign , on Town notice boards and on The "News Groups" and The "Internet". I have been keeping a record of all passengers using the station and the last count shows the Numbers at 25per month, this includes those Joining and Alighting the Train.
Eastbound "Up" // Up-Train.jpeg
To Broken Hill and Sydney, the "Ghan" from Alice Springs and the "Indian Pacific" from Perth.
Westbound "Down" // Down-Train.jpeg
To Adelaide , Perth and Alice Springs from Broken Hill. and Sydney.

Passenger Bookings // Tel : 132147 G S R Bookings

GSR Email Enquiries // mail-to: // Time-Table.text

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Biographical Information

STATION HISTORY : // Details.Text

Moved to Peterborough from Whyalla. and I was dismayed at the sorry State of the Railway Station and started making some enquiries to find out who owned the station complex and who ran the Passenger Trains.
At this stage I had no Knowledge of Railways or Steam Engines ,and I began to hang around SteamTown where I learned a lot about the Railways both good and bad, I made my First Video of W901 making a run to Eurelia and hence fell in love with The Railways, and decided to do something positive about The Station.
Telephoned Steve Bradford the Ceo of Great Southern and told him of my plans, he suggested that I contact the Peterborough Council and ask them to take a lease out on the Station Complex , The council asked the People to submit letters on this proposal and they only received two, which was very disappointing , and the Council Rejected my Ideas.
Finally , after looking after The Station for two years , my platform is looking nice and tidy with only a few weeds and lots of Pidgion Dung. A nice tidy toilet for the ladies and Gents, The platform Signs were missing and to tourists it must have looked like a "No Where Stop". I shall carry on here , and hopefully in the new Millennium the Station will find a new lease of life with the Building of the Darwin Line on which work will commence from Alice Springs on about May 2001.
APRIL 2002
We moved from Peterborough to Crystal Brook which is obout 100 Kilometres South on the Main North Line out of Adelaide, a small Volunteer Group is still looking after the Railway Station, without the Stationmaster, until we can find someone else to take on this roll, which I hope will include running this Websitse ..
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Personal Interests

Stamp Collecting
At a younger age , this was my first ambition , to have more Stamps than My Girlfriend at 12 years , so that I could always call around her place to swap Stamps. Anyone want a well worn Stamp Collection, I also make an excelent Ginger Beer .
Steam Locomotives // W901 // 3801 // 3608 // W934.Quorn //
My favorite magazines and books these days all seem to be about Steam Trains and there History , also which Steam is running and where. Steam Locomotive W901 is currently on active duty at Steamtown.
Steam Preservation // W901 // SteamTown Trips // Coal Up // Water Tower //
The SteamTown Preservation Society at Peterborough brings Steam back to life for me and Thousands of Visitors every year , let us hope that SteamTown continues to grow and keep the Steam Dream alive, they still have a "T" class and the PMR 720 to bring back into Steam.
Station Master // Station-Master.jpeg // Station-Mistress.jpeg // Train-Men.jpeg
My main interest is looking after My Station , this includes providing Drinking Water , that I must take to The Station in a container which is filled from my water tank, I also clean the toilets and the platform, chop down weeds and help passengers with there luggage as there is no Waiting Room at present ,I also provide seats and a table, all this I do for Free, and the pleasure I get from the Trains..
Train Watching // Watching Trains // Medivac.jpeg
The smell of diesel and exhaust smoke , the Singing, Screeching Rails under the heavy leaden Bogies , The raw sound of power as Four NR loco's pull up The Grade towards Broken Hill , watch trains ? why not.
Train Photography // Emergence // My Photo Gallery // Turn Table // Reflections
There is no better feeling than to be on the high ground watching a long Freight thread its way over The Loop , then power away up the main line with black smoke belching from the exhausts , then Click, Click and you have the memory forever, My photos are posted to :
Railways News Group Postings
To: news: aus.rail / news: aus.rail.models To: news: alt.binaries. pictures.rail
Railway Videos Available
My Panasonic Video camera often accompanies me on my Train Watching days and the following Home Made Videos are available :
1. Multi loco Freight Trains working the Peterborough Loop.
2. The Ghan and The Indian Pacific at My Station
3. A two hour tourist video of The Northern Flinders Ranges,covering from Burra in The South to Copley in The North, sorry no covering trains on this one.
4. 30th Anniversary of "The Indian Pacific" , featuring the celebrities
and The Celebrations at Adelaide Interstate Terminal 22/02/00
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Contact Information

Street address
16 Gadd Ave Crystal Brook 5523

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Last revised: July 23, 2008.

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