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Peterborough and SteamTown

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" The Peterborough Railway Preservation Society Inc "

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Enjoy a Memorable SteamTown Tour and Experience The Best

Passengers aboard a SteamTown train can sit back, relax and enjoy a journey in the best traditions of old style train travel through the pleasant Mid North countryside. By Narrow Gauge standards, Steamtown's Coaches are luxurious and allow you the room to move about as the Train rolls along to its destination (Orroroo or Eurelia). Our Quota Car carries an excellent range of refreshments and souvenirs. A feature of all trains is a stop on Black Rock Bridge, the longest bridge of its design in the Southern Hemisphere, and the longest on the former South Australian Railways Narrow Gauge system. Our Mixed Goods trains allow you the chance to witness first hand the style of train working that was common in the area right up to the early 1970's. Watch as the Guard moves cans of cream, and boxes of eggs into his van. See the locomotive shunt carriages into sidings. Our trains return to Peterborough at 4.30pm from Orroroo, a distance of 71 kms and 5.30pm from Eurelia a distance of 115 kms. An extended stop is made at Orroroo for the show train (September) and returns at 5.30pm. The night train is run in conjunction with the Section Car/Country & Western Evening. All trains are liscenced and No Alcohol is permited to be bought onto the train in Eskies. All tours are manned by Volunteers and car Captains are always available when help or information is needed. The 280 member Steamtown Society is justifiably proud of its collection of locomotives and unique selection of passenger carriages which originally saw service on The Trans-Australian Line between Port Augusta and Kalgoorlie. All were built between 1917 and 1928 and are prime examples of the Former Commonwealth Railways wooden bodied cars of that period and some actualy saw service on the famous "Ghan" Train. Our only running Steam Engine W901 is mantained by Mark Grimshaw , whom has just carried out a major overhaul which includes the fitting of Westinghouse Air Brakes and re designing the Ash Pan and Grate and fitting a New Power Valve under the Dome on top of The Boiler.

Tour Notes "All Tourist Steam Trains Cancelled until Futher Notice"
I) Trains to Eurelia (57kms) return to Peterborough at 5.30pm approximately. Trains to Orroroo (35kms) return to Peterborough at 4.30pm approximately.
2) All trips are planned to be hauled by Steam Locomotives, however, Steamtown reserves the right to schedule the Locomotive type according to prevailing conditions.
3) *This trip has been scheduled to coincide with the Orroroo Show. An extended stop at Orroroo will allow all passengers to tour exhibits and watch arena events. Return 5.30pm
4) On the return journey of all trains we will stop at 'Black Rock Coffee Palace' (the Old Black Rock Hotel). All passengers may alight there for 30mins approximately.
PLEASE NOTE: All Steamtown trips are licenced to sell liquor. NO BYO ALCOHOL is allowed on board.

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Tourist Train Running Times "All Tourist Steam Trains Cancelled until Futher Notice"

Daily Round House and Museum Tours are conducted with an Admitance fee of $5 per Adult,Souvenirs are still available in the Museum .. Make enquiries at the Tourist Centre next to the Council Office Peterborough ..

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