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Around 01:30 on April 23, 2003, K277 derailed about a dozen cars on the CSX Trenton Line at SEPTA's Neshaminy Falls Station.

06:30 Report: A caternary pole has been ripped out of the ground and much of the fence at the station platform is down from the falling iron supports. A Southern box car is across both SEPTA tracks on the west side, an NS box is mangled on the east embankment, with what looks like 2x4's from a centerbeam flat strewn down the hill. A few lonely trucks sit on the SEPTA side of the ROW, I believe they belong to the box cars. The derailed cars are about half way back on the train. K277 with CSX 8779, 7597 and Oakway 9000 (in EMD paint) pulled the movable cars on the head end to CP Berry, leaving them on the main before running light on the controlled siding back to the site to pick up a few more cars.

13:00 Report: most cars have been removed. The NS car has been moved south of Neshaminy Falls and was placed on its side on the ROW west of Track 1 (probably to be scrapped on site). A Southern car and a couple centerbeams are still derailed on the TL. At least one box car is still north of the site, and I presume the rest of the cars were taken up to Woodbourne. B100 on the controlled siding with CSX 6148 and panel and ballast cars passed K277's cars still on the main from this morning and stopped at CP Nesh. 6148 cut off, went north of Nesh and reversed onto the main. K277 reversed against B100's train and pulled it north of Nesh, then 6148 coupled up to the south end of train. As I type, I expect that they will pull the train back down to the main, cut off K277's power and put in on the controlled siding, so that B100 can shove the cars to the derailment site.

16:00 Report: K277 picked up the last servicable car from the south end of the derailment about 16:20 and took it and the rest of the train south, and C770 with 2772 picked up the last 2 servicable cars from the north end about 16:40. After K277 cleared Nesh, B100 with 6148 shoved to the end of the rail and the sidewinders started laying track panels at about 17:00.

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