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2/5/02 Reno Snow Train at Roseville

My work schedule finally had me off on one of the days the Reno Snow/Fun Train was scheduled to go by. What a better way to spend my afternoon than watch this unusual Amtrak special roll through town and even catch the eastbound California Zephyr nipping at the Snow Train's heels since Davis.

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(34K) The Reno Snow Train arriving into Roseville at 1:00 PM, nearly an hour late with a UP Dash-8 on the point. I wonder what happened to the other Amtrak unit?.

(66K) One of the Dash-8 Amtrak GE units had a portion of it's old Amtrak "Pepsi Can" striping left on the A/C vents. Today that paint scheme is still my favorite and I thought it was a shame to do away with it.

(49K) A closer view of Amtk #511's former striping.

(52K) On the point is UP 9391.

(42K) Amtrak #507 in its new paint scheme. This locomotive was in the consist when I rode one of the last Desert Wind trains from Chicago to Los Angeles. Click here for a photo of this locomotive in its heyday when it had a REAL paint job.

(55K) Another shot of the power with Mt. Tamalpais private varnish directly behind.

(48K) Mt. Tamalpais surrounded followed by Horizon coaches.

(45K) Looking forward at the Mt. Tamalpais with the snow train power.

(48K) My favorite shot of the Tamalpais and power.

(49K) A full-length Budd Dome in the consist. I have ridden in one these cars a few times and going through Donner will be a treat for the guests.

(45K) A device I haven't seen before to raise passengers in wheelchairs. The conductor manually cranks a lever to raise the platform with the passenger on it in the wheelchair.

(44K) A Rio Grand private car in the consist. I don't recall the name of the car.

(54K) A snack car brings up the rear of the Snow train.

(55K) Two minutes after the Snow train departed, the eastbound California Zephyr pulls into Roseville with Amtk 122 on the point.

(58K) Amboxes and Roadrailers have been seen quite frequently on the trains 5 and 6.

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All Photos © 2002 Steven Reynolds.

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