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Railfanning Photos

(81K) 1996 Olympic Torch Train west of Santa Barbara, CA 5/1/96

(44K) Amtrak California F59PHI #2004 at Santa Barbara, CA 1/15/96

(49K) Inside the new Amtrak California bi-level cars on a trip to LAUPT, 3/96

(60K) At Los Angeles Union Station standing next to our power, Amtrak California #2004, 3/96

(39K) My friend Mike and his wife Dorie at Santa Barbara, CA 5/2/96

Playing With New Camera Settings

(53K) The Santa Barbara train depot. May, 1997

(86K) Amtrak #773, the San Diegan Express with an ex-ATSF 6-axle bi-level diner! May, 1997

(31K) Close-up of 3-axle trucks on the ex-ATSF bi-level diner. May, 1997

(63K) The Coast Starlight with AMTK 804 leading. March, 1997

(47K) The Coast Starlight pulling out of Santa Barbara. March, 1997

(58K) The Pacific Parlor car on Coast Starlight. March, 1997

(110K) Amtrak train #773 pulling in with the new California Cars. March, 1997

(24K) Amtrak California CTDX F59PHI #2003. March, 1997

(38K) Another view of CTDX #2003. March, 1997

June 18, 1997 trip to Fullerton, CA

While in Anaheim on business, I decided to take a slight detour to the Fullerton Santa Fe Depot before heading back to Santa Barbara

(105K) Northbound Amtrak #775 with southbound San Diegan #774 in the background

(83K) Just before #775 pulled out, a crewman ran up at the last minute and climbed aboard

(101K) With #775 gone and #776 now rolling out, I got a great shot of Amtk #231 with the Operation Lifesaver logo on the front..well back since the engine was pushing

(80K) A Santa Fe freight roars through on the center track

(107K) View of the Fullerton depot and Santa Fe Cafe from across the tracks atop the first flight of stairs to the pedestrian crossover bridge

(135K) Looking westbound at the pedestrian crossover bridge

(95K) A four-unit War Bonnet paint freight rolls through. Notice the "BNSF" painted in red on the side of the locomotive!

(121K) Atop the pedestrian crossover bridge, a beautiful shot of a freight passing beneath. I had to get the camera lense close to the protective cyclone fencing so I could look through the holes to get a clear unobstructed photograph

(87K) A Santa Fe work train stopped right in front of the depot just so I could photograph it! I appreciated it very much

(54K) Rats, the work train only stopped because they needed the signal at the west end ot Fullerton Junction. Here, the engineer is talking to the Santa Fe San Bernardino Sub DS

June 20, 1997 Santa Barbara, CA

(100K) I heard on the scanner earlier that Amtrak California CTDX 2052 would be pulling the Coast Starlight, so I rushed down to photograph it

(88K) This locomotive used to belong to Amtrak and was formerly Amtk #502

(80K) The power on the Coast Starlight in this photo

(82K) Materials Handling Cars (MHC) are now being used on the Coast Starlight

(30K) A Water Train slowly rolls through to meet the Rail Grinder Train in the Santa Barbara block. This Water Train had to put out several serious railroad tie fires that evening!

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