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Doswell Station: Denis Blake Photo

R F & P -- Doswell & Ashland

Hanover & Southern Caroline Counties on the RF&P

RF&P 138 leading, Doswell diamond. Terry Fry photo

  • March, 1996

Doswell, Denis Blake photo
Doswell, Denis Blake photo
Doswell, Denis Blake photo
HN Tower, Denis Blake photo

Ashland, November 2001:

Ashland, rgm photo
Ashland station from the south, rgm photo
The Ironhorse (looking south from opposite the station), rgm photo
Henry Clay Inn & south end of the station, rgm photo

Ruther Glen

The following two links are to photographs taken by David Davies in the 1980s at Rutherglen: (thumbnails to come)
127 GP40 126 leading two other geep with general freight southbound on track 3 at Rutherglen. This shot is a good example of the long hood end details, including the train control antenna,
131 GP35 133 leading another geep with pigs southbound on track 3 at Rutherglen

Thanks to Denis Blake and Terry Fry for the Doswell Photos.

Herb Insley has done articles on Doswell (MR, Sept 69), Ashland station (RMC Jan 70), and Milford tower (RMC Sept 70)

Also, a rough drawing of the track layout in and around the diamond and station



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