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Goose's 1998 Vacation

Well, a vacation it was...


Thursday was spent traveling to Waynesville, NC. Nothing really exceptional to note except the trip down I-40 was kewl going through tunnels. I met Allen Weiner, Kevin Gould and Patrick ??? (Don't know his last name). We stayed at the Days Inn in preparation for Friday's trip. Top things to note:
  • Kevin's running in & out of the hotel room all night
  • Kevin's bitching about my snoring
Thursday Photos:


Friday was much better. Because of Kevin's lagging from romping around all night, we damn near missed the train! The trip in the morning was simply awesome. It was real cool at first. It was enough to make think I might have wanted to pack a pair of pants for next year, but I was soon vindicated as it got warn enough to remove the jacket.

Friday we rode the Great Smokey Mountain Railway located in Bryson City, NC. Here below are the photos from Friday's ride!

Well, Saturday morning started off much better because we swore to KILL Kevin if he wasn't out of bed and ready to go. Yes, Kevin was bitching about me again. This time, it was me farting all night (Super huge evil grin) :-) We did breakfast over at Shoney's, then off for the Tennennsee Valley Railroad Museum for the trip.

Of course I took photos:
You all missed the best part. I, Mr. Anal Retentive, whom everyone agrees I need to loosen up loosened up alright. I MOONED Kevin! Yup, me. I dropped my drawers, bent over and gave Kevin the butt salute he will not forget anytime soon! The last time I saw him, he was complaining about burnt retina's in his eyes.... oh yeah, lot's of screaming too!

The vacation:

Well, the vacation itself was nothing to write home about. The usual when you head home for the first time after moving away. It was really great to see everyone. If I missed you, I apologize, but maybe next time.

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