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Published in Railpace Newsmagazine


June 2000

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Norfolk Southern 4036 leads a westbound freight out of Conway Yard at Rochester, PA, on March 19th, 2000. The B23-7 leads new CSX SD70AC 768 and rebuilt ex-conrail GP38, bow CSX 2719. The GP38 has had its nose classification lights removed during the rebuild, making it harder to identify it as a former Conrail unit. Kodacolor Print/Matthew Sell Danbury Railway Museum's RS-1 0673, built in 1948 by Alco, was aquired by the museum in January 1996. The New Haven frequently operated RS01s in the Danbury area.  Elitechrome/Charlie Albanetti
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Nine-Year-Old Brian Reese has loved trains since Day 1. This freehand illustration of a boxcar is significant because it was drawn while riding a train - the Steamtown Amtrak excursion to Binghamton, NY, on Sunday, April 30th, 2000.

July 2000

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Reading & Northern SD38 2000 and SD45-2 3601 are seen in the former CNJ Mauch Chunk yard in Jim Thorpe, PA, Monday evening, April 24, 2000. The PILE (Pittston-Lehighton) road train has just arrived from Packerton (Lehighton) and is waiting for a new crew to continue on to North Reading. This train trakes R&N Lehigh division cars to Norfolk Southern at Reading, and drops off R&N Reading Division cars at Tamqua and Port Clinton. Upon Departure from Jim Thorpe, the train is symboled JTNR.  Kodachrome/Drew Snowberger WEST MEETS EAST - CSX coal train Extra V790 glides through the crossover at MP 359 in Fairport, NY, April 12th, 2000. It is not too common to see new BNSF locomotives east of Buffalo on this segment of the CSX Chicago Line.                Luke Irvine/Kodacolor

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Railfair 2000 at the Danbury Railway Museum included a Saturday night photo shoot, featuring Metro North's two New York Central-liveried FL9s 2013 and 2012. The two cabs are seen in the DRM yard on May 6th, 2000. Kodacolor print/Charlie Albanetti

August 2000

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DINOSAURS, NOT DIAMONDS, ARE FOREVER - CSX C30-7 7078, still in Family Lines paint, blasts through CP-VO in Voorheesville, NY, on the evening of June 23rd, 2000. Note the spray-painted number on the cab side. At the left lie the former D&H Albany Main diamonds, which were removed three days earlier. Kodacolor/Dave Honan MODERN TIMES - CSX empty hopper train E062 passes Lake Avenue in Fairport, NY on May 8th, 2000 with two new CSX SD70MACs, 750 and 762. Kodacolor/Luke Irvine

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SELKIRK - PORTLAND, MAINE, RUN-THROUGH - Q427 slows through the Amtrak station in Springfield, MA, June 13th, 2000. CSX C40-8s 7304 and 7356 team up with Guilford GP40s 316 and 380 as they head east. Guilford power is frequently seen on Q427/Q426. Kodacolor/Scott LaPointe

September 2000

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YOUTHRAIL 2000 at DRM for New Haven Rails 2000 - NRHS 2000 National Convention! - Photos by Robert Greenberg
October 2000
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KEEP ON TRUCKING - On Saturday, July 29th, 2000 Phillipsburg RR Historians and the Anthracite Railroads Historical Society moved CNJ X-29 boxcar 92079 from a siding on the Bel-Del to the PRRH Museum site in Phillipsburg, NJ. It is seen rolling down South Main Street in Phillipsburg. Matt Winter

The plan was to pick it up with a 15-ton capacity forklift, and set it onto a flatbed trailer. When the car was discovered to weigh 18 tons, a crane was summoned for the job. While in the air, the cable snapped and the car fell 20 feet, damaging the frame. Despite the mishap, the car was eventually moved and is now at the PRRH site. Matt Winter

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Alaska F7 1508 is seen at Snow Junction, near Remsen, NY, during Adirondack Scenic RR Railfan Day on June 17th, 2000. The track in the foreground is the MA&N's Lyon Falls branch. Kodacolor/Joshua S. Hill
November 2000
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WRAP THAT TO GO - New Acela Express power untis 2032-2034 have their ends wrapped in blue shrink-wrap plastic while enroute to Amtrak. The pair is seen at Bellows Falls, VT on Friday, July 28th, 2000 Kodachrome/Brendan Fennessy

STEAM LIVES at Steamtown, much to the delight of 8-year-old Sean Monagan, who visited the site with family on August 24th, 2000. Canadian Pacific 2317 is on its way to the roundhouse after powering the day's two excursion trains to Moscow, PA.   Kodachrome/Sean Monagan

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NOT A GENESIS IN SIGHT - Amtrak GP40TC 104 heads up the Lake Shore Limited, as F40PH 216 leads Northeast Direct mail train 12 at South Station, Boston, August 6th, 2000.  Ektachrome/John Levai

IN THE GORGE - Reading & Northern Pittston-Lehighton, PA train PILE rolls through Glen Onoko, PA on July 19th, 2000.  Ektachrome/Hugh McStravick

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D&H KENWOOD YARD in Albany, NY, provides color and variety, with "PRR" C30-7A and NS SD60 6646, with St.L&H and CP Rail power visible in the background, July 13th, 2000. Fujichrome/Tim Stockwell, Jr.




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