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Welcome to the Kentuckiana Society of N-Scalers’ T-Trak division. The division was formed in 2007 as a means to expand the showcase of N scale modular model railroading. 

The “T” in T-Trak can mean a lot of things: Trams, Trolleys, Two Track, and Table Top. For our group, the T means Two Track and Table Top.

The purpose of our group is to provide a way to promote model railroading that is educational. A basic T-Trak module is slightly bigger than a sheet of paper. On that size, anyone can learn to build the wood, lay the track, wire the module, and scenic the module. Model railroading is an educational tool. You can learn math, science, geometry, geography, and history. No wonder families are starting to get into model railroading. This format is great to get young people interested in the hobby. In fact, the whole family can work on these modules. They’re small, easy to build, and easy to transport.

The other purpose of our group is to provide a club presence at shows that are either one day events or too small to support the N-Trak layout we have. Because of the length of time to setup and tear down the N-Trak layout, the KSONS does not do one day shows. Since the main support of T-Trak is table-top, only the modules are needed. No legs are needed to be matched up to the modules. This plus the format of the T-Trak modules make it easier to attach modules together. Since the modules are made with Kato’s Unitrack system, there are joiners on each end of track. You simply line up the modules with the joiners and they snap in together. Thus it is simple to assemble and disassemble than the regular N-Trak modules.

There are many shows the KSONS does with the T-Trak group of the Radcliff Model Railroad Association of Radcliff, Kentucky (RMRA). A member of the RMRA has stepped up the making of modules by providing animation to them. He currently has a working tornado module with lightning flash sounds and thunder and rain sound effects. He also has an end module that looks like a volcano. He has a slaughterhouse module that he can play sound effects of the cattle in the stock pen by proving a portable CD player with speakers. These modules are a hit at shows and can show that you can animate modules and have fun doing that.

Take a trip through the site and see what we have. If you are an organization that would like to have us come to your event to display our modules, please contact me via email at If you are considering T-Trak and would like to join us, please contact me as well. 


Joe Martin
T-Trak Coordinator


 "Camera at the Ready"

Joe Martin

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