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GG20B Rosters

CRMX 2002

Type of Car: Diesel Multiple Unit (DMU) Aero self-propelled commuter car  
Commuter Coach : 16
Business Coach : 16
Table Top: 36
Length: 85 feet over couplers
Height: 14 feet, 10.75 inches
Weight: 87.5 tons (175,000 pounds)
Motors: (2) Detroit Diesel Series 60 engines
Horsepower: 600 per motor @ 1,800 to 2,100 rpm (1,200 total Hp)
Transmission: Voith T212 BRE Hydrodynamic
Generator: Diesel, Deutz with Stadco 175kW 480v 3 phase
Cab Style: Aero Control Cab, front end only.
Kitchen/Galley: None. Removed in 2004. (Built with small service bar.)
Ultradome Glass?: Yes.
Restrooms: 1 (ADA accessible).
ADA Features: 1 ADA Restroom, 2 wheelchair lifts, wheelchair tiedowns.
Built: June 2005
Ran as:

CRMX 2002, TRCX 703 (2005).


Notes: In 2002, Colorado Railcar unveiled its revolutionary DMU (Diesel Multiple Unit) demonstrator CRMX 2002. This was the first commuter vehicle to meet the stringent FRA 49 CFR Part 238 compression load requirements. In Feb., 2002, the frame of the prototype survived an 800,000 pound load test to meet that standard. This self propeled car is tougher than the average freight locomotive!

DMU was envisioned as an affordable, practical extension of the manufacturer's normal business. One look at the demonstrator unit reveals its obvious development from the single level dome. The otional wraparound windows that are a trademark of the ultradome design are found on the demonstrator, as well as the aero nose option. The interior was layed out to show several different configurations.

The 2002 spent several years demonstrating the DMU concept to current and potential future commuter operators in most major metropolitan areas in the US. The car also made trips to Vancouver, BC, and Alaska. It is presently (as of early 2004) in revenue service on Florida Tri-Rail, having been purchased by FL-DOT for a test program that will include the 2002, the first double decker DMU to be built, and a double decker trailer.

In 2005, the DMU prototype was remodeled and repainted for new owner Florida DOT. Modifications included the removal of the service bar in the back half of the car to make way for more ADA tiedowns, and the addition of a window in the restroom. The car was also renumbered TRCX 702, but never delivered. It is now owned by TTCI in Pueblo and stored unserviceable.

Alaska 2000 Aurora

Photo 5
CRMX 2002 was brand new when this promotional photo was made in 2002. Photo courtesy of Colorado Railcar. Click to enlarge.
Photo 5
Somebody deserves credit for this photo of CRMX 2002. But thanks to last year's hard drive crash, I just can't tell you who. I know I have permission to use the photo, but I can't for the life of me figure out from whom, or where the photo was taken at. Eventually, I'll figure it out. If you know who this photo belongs to, please chime in. Thanks. Click to enlarge.
Photo 5
In SFRTA paint in Denver, CO. March 2005. Photo by Mike McGowen. Click to enlarge.
Photo 5
CRMX 2002 at Fort Lupton, CO. May 2005. Photo by Jody Moore. Click to enlarge.
Photo 5
Richard Silagi sent us an early photo of the 2002's interior in San Jose, CA in June 2003. Click to enlarge.
Photo 5
The rear of the DMU prototype was configured with table top seating for 36. May 2005. Fort Lupton, CO. Photo by Jody Moore. Click to enlarge.
Photo 5

The 2002's cab is seen in this view at Fort Lupton. May 2005. Photo by Jody Moore. Click to enlarge.

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