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This website has been archived from to TrainWeb.US/ultradomes.

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Once you've thoroughly explored the site, we have a few others for you to check out. In addition to other sites run by the author of this one, we've assembled a list of favorites that we think you might enjoy or at least find useful. Don't forget to tell them we sent you.

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Genset Locomotive Rosters

One of three sister sites to this website, the Genset Locomotive Rosters were compiled and published by the author of this site. This site provides details on the multi engine "genset" switchers built by NRE, Railpower, MPI and others.

Green Goat Rosters

Another sister to this site and companion to the Genset Rosters, the Green Goat Rosters page covers all the hybrid locomotives built by Railpower.

The POTB Railfan's Guide

Another sister to this site, the Port of Tillamook Bay Railfan's Guide was my first site. There's even an ultradome connection - the first cars built by the company were constructed in one of the blimp hangars in Tillamook and moved over the railroad!

Weblurker's DomeMain

The site for all things vintage dome. The DomeMain was the inspiration for this site, and is the most comprehensive resource for the histories of the dome cars of passenger railroading's Golden Age.

Marcam Productions

Marcam Video Productions is a specialist in high definition, quality railfan videos. Rocky Mountaineer domes will be featured in an upcoming production, Western Winter Wonderland I, with camera work by yours truly.

Colorado Railcar Manufacturing

The official home page for Colorado Railcar Manufacturing, maker of all of the luxurious ultradomes and DMUs featured on this site.

John's Alaska Railroad Page

John maintains a fantastic web resource on the Alaska Railroad, and we've had a great time trading information over the years. If you're thinking of doing some Alaska railfanning, or just interested in this unique railroad, this is the place to look.

Jerry Laboda's Passenger Car Photo Index

Jerry's exhaustively compiled site contains links to literally tens of thousands of photos of passenger cars all over the internet. It's a great resource if you're looking for photos of a specific passenger car, or if you're just interested in looking at photos.

Alaska Railroad Passenger Service

Alaksa Railroad rosters the largest fleet of Colorado Railcar products on the planet, and hauls most of the rest of the others on its trains. This is a link to the railroad's passenger services page.

Holland America

Holland America uses ten CRM domes for its Alaska shore tours connecting with its cruises.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines

Another CRM dome user in Alaska, with probably the sharpest looking cars inside and out.

Princess Tours

The original Ultradome operator, Princess Tours still runs its cars at the back of Alaska Railroad trains, as well as specials between the Cruise Ship docks and Denali National Park. Get the info here, and book your trip.

Rocky Mountaineer Vacations

Rocky Mountaineer Vacations operates CRM domes all over British Columbia and Western Alberta, through some of the most spectacular scenery I've seen. Check it out for yourself.

VIA Rail Canada

VIA Rail operates the three former BC Rail single level domes on its Skeena Route. They are also used on the winter Ski Trains from Edmonton to Jasper.

Florida Tri-Rail

Florida Tri-Rail operates four DMUs and two trailers in service in Southern Florida.

Tri-Met Commuter Rail

TriMet's new Westside Express Service (WES) commuter rail will use CRM DMUs between Beaverton and Wilsonville, OR starting in Sept. 2008.

For corrections, questions or to contribute photos, please e-mail me at: Thanks!

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