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UPY 2312

Type of Car: Diesel Multiple Unit (DMU) Double Decker cab car  
Upper Level: 104
Lower Level: 61
Total Seating: 165
Length: 89 feet
Height: 19 feet, 10.5 inches
Weight: 92 tons (194,000 pounds)* — from earlier specs. May not be accurate.
Motors: (2) Detroit Diesel Series 60 engines
Horsepower: 600 per motor @ 1,800 to 2,100 rpm (1,200 total Hp)
Transmission: Voith T212 BRE Hydrodynamic
Generator: Diesel, Deutz with Stadco 175kW 480v 3 phase
Cab Style: Control Cab, flat faced with slant on top of second level
Kitchen/Galley: None
Ultradome Glass?: No, but glass does curve partially into roofline.
Restrooms: 1 (ADA accessible).
ADA Features: 1 ADA Restroom, 2 wheelchair lifts, wheelchair tiedowns in center of lower level.
Built: June 2005
Ran as: TRCX 703 (2005-present).


Notes: Florida Dept. of Transportation's first set of DMU (Diesel Multiple Unit) vehicles is bound to be historic. The first car, purchased in early April, 2004, was already steeped in history when the ink dried on the contract. And now comes this: the first double Decker DMU ever to meet the FRA 49 CFR Part 238 compression load requirements. The frame was subjected to the stress tests on August 27, 2004 and passed with flying colors.

For those interested, by the way, Colorado Railcar VP of Sales Tom Janaky explained to me that the test is performed by fitting the car's structure into a steel harness, then applying a pair of hydraulic rams, one to each end, and firing them up. From there, it's a simple matter of waiting for the force to be applied. Janaky said it takes about seven hours for the rams to build up to the 800,000 lb pressure.

Operationally, the new car contains several industry firsts, most significant among them the title of being the first double Decker to meet the FRA requirements, which is key to the cars being able to operate on regular freight railroad tracks without significant restrictions. To date, Colorado Railcar's DMUs are the only DMUs able to do so.

It also contains several firsts for the manufacturer, including being the first car constructed with dual entries, the first car with straight stairways, and the tallest car ever built by the company. That last fact required that several other things be addressed, like the height of the paint booth, which was a few inches too short to accommodate the car. (Fortunately those items were taken care of early in the construction process..)

The DMU was envisioned as an affordable, practical commuter option for agencies across the country. Far more economical than electrified systems, far more efficient than locomotive-hauled trains, the DMU has been well received thus far. More detailed information about DMU's advantages can be found over on Colorado Railcar's website or in the Advantages section of this site.

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Photo 5
TRCX 703 under construction in Fort Lupton, CO. April 2005. Photo by Jody Moore. Click to enlarge.
Photo 5
TRCX 703 departing CRM in Fort Lupton, CO. June 2005. Photo by Mike McGowen. Click to enlarge.
Photo 5
Upstairs in TRCX 703 June 2005. Photo by Mike McGowen. Click to enlarge.

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