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  Utah Mine Locations

Box Elder
Salt Lake
San Juan
San Pete

The following table is a list of some of the mines in Utah. The location is listed in degrees, minutes and seconds ( º ' " ). To convert to decimal, click on the link below.
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Beaver County
Atlas Mine Beaver 382013N - 1130829W Picacho Peak
Beaver View Mine Beaver 381947N - 1124726W Adamsville
Beaver-Harrison Mine Beaver 382906N - 1130810W Milford NW
Beaver-Harrison Mine Beaver 382913N - 1130712W Milford
Black Rock Mine Beaver 383208N - 1130745W High Rock
Blue Jay Mine Beaver 381711N - 1135604W Miners Cabin Wash
Blue Ribbon Mine Beaver 380958N - 1125127W Minersville Reservoir
Blue Star Mine Beaver 381820N - 1124929W Adamsville
Cactus Mine Beaver 382923N - 1131741W Frisco
Carbonate Mine Beaver 382855N - 1131433W Milford NW
Cave Mine Beaver 381754N - 1125521W Cave Canyon
Cedar Talisman Mine Beaver 382216N - 1130832W Picacho Peak
Commonwealth Mine Beaver 382010N - 1130852W Picacho Peak
Copper King Mine Beaver 382408N - 1130658W Milford
Copper Mountain Mine Beaver 383246N - 1130510W Lime Mountain
Copper Ranch Mine Beaver 382742N - 1130619W Milford
Cougar Spar Mine Beaver 381243N - 1135033W Pinto Spring
Creole Mine Beaver 381545N - 1125314W Cave Canyon
Cupric Mine Beaver 382732N - 1131822W Frisco
Drum Shaft Beaver 382650N - 1131748W Frisco
Dugout Mine Beaver 381225N - 1135155W Pinto Spring
Estelle Mine Beaver 382114N - 1130553W Milford Flat
Fortune Mine Beaver 382648N - 1124042W Gillies Hill
Frisco Contact Mine Beaver 382818N - 1131627W Frisco
Galena Mine Beaver 383238N - 1130703W Lime Mountain
Glider Mine Beaver 382233N - 1123343W Pole Mountain
Gold Crown Mine Beaver 382051N - 1130614W Milford Flat
Golden Reef Mine Beaver 383146N - 1131548W Frisco Peak
Goules Mine Beaver 381118N - 1125114W Minersville Reservoir
Harriet Mine Beaver 381549N - 1125256W Cave Canyon
Harrington-Hickory Mine Beaver 382321N - 1130557W Milford
Harris Mine Beaver 382622N - 1124257W Gillies Hill
Hecla Mine Beaver 381854N - 1125246W Cave Canyon
Holt Bluebell Mine Beaver 381320N - 1135136W Pinto Spring
Honey Bov Mine Beaver 381919N - 1125311W Cave Canyon
Hoosier Boy Mine Beaver 382138N - 1130918W Picacho Peak
Horn Silver Mine Beaver 382659N - 1131632W Frisco
Hub Mine Beaver 382020N - 1130907W Picacho Peak
Imperial Mine Beaver 382747N - 1131739W Frisco
Independence Mine Beaver 383212N - 1130627W Lime Mountain
Indian Queen Mine Beaver 383035N - 1131904W Frisco Peak
J B Mine Beaver 381038N - 1134736W Pinto Spring
Lady Bryan Mine Beaver 382006N - 1130918W Picacho Peak
Leonora Mine Beaver 382146N - 1130834W Picacho Peak
Lincoln Mine Beaver 381618N - 1125316W Cave Canyon
Little May Lilly Mine Beaver 382332N - 1130615W Milford
Lucky Find Mine Beaver 382028N - 1130807W Picacho Peak
Lulu Mine Beaver 382648N - 1131627W Frisco
Magnolia Mine Beaver 381856N - 1130946W Picacho Peak
Mammoth Lode Mine Beaver 381732N - 1130854W Picacho Peak
Mammoth Mine Beaver 382044N - 1130836W Picacho Peak
Maud-S Mine Beaver 382136N - 1130553W Milford Flat
Montreal Mine Beaver 382709N - 1130419W Milford
Moscow Mine Beaver 382029N - 1130857W Picacho Peak
Mowitza Mine Beaver 382102N - 1130859W Picacho Peak
Noonday Mine Beaver 381309N - 1135102W Pinto Spring
North Star Mine Beaver 383233N - 1130557W Lime Mountain
OK Mine Beaver 382921N - 1130739W Milford NW
Old Hickory Mine Beaver 382650N - 1130351W Milford
Old King David Mine Beaver 382705N - 1131638W Frisco
Progressive Mine Beaver 381957N - 1130849W Picacho Peak
Pumice Hole Mine Beaver 382441N - 1124953W Bearskin Mountain
Rebel Mine Beaver 382339N - 1130604W Milford
Red Warrior Mine Beaver 382047N - 1130849W Picacho Peak
Revenue Mine Beaver 382032N - 1133707W Lamerdorf Peak
Rob Roy Mine Beaver 382556N - 1123516W Pole Mountain
Saint Marys Mine Beaver 381949N - 1130900W Picacho Peak
Schoo Mine Beaver 382911N - 1124922W Bearskin Mountain
Sheeprock Mine Beaver 382254N - 1123401W Pole Mountain
Skylark Mine Beaver 383202N - 1130704W Lime Mountain
Sonny Boy Mine Beaver 382024N - 1130829W Picacho Peak
Sunday Mine Beaver 382342N - 1123355W Pole Mountain
Tasso Mine Beaver 382024N - 1133631W Lamerdorf Peak
The Iron Mine Beaver 382203N - 1125328W Cave Canyon
The Lou Mine Beaver 382019N - 1133553W Lamerdorf Peak
Utah Mine Beaver 381020N - 1134808W Pinto Spring
Ute Mine Beaver 383155N - 1130439W Lime Mountain
Velvet Silver Mine Beaver 381750N - 1131002W Picacho Peak
Vicksburg Mine Beaver 382138N - 1130527W Milford Flat
Washington Mine Beaver 382734N - 1131755W Frisco
White Cliff Mine Beaver 382557N - 1123320W Pole Mountain
White Cliff Mine (1) Beaver 382555N - 1123322W Pole Mountain
Wild Bill Mine Beaver 382241N - 1130857W Milford NW
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Box Elder County
Alvarado Mine Box Elder 412258N - 1115855W Mantua
American Mine Box Elder 412529N - 1115843W Mantua
Baker Mine Box Elder 413444N - 1120020W Brigham City
Century Mine Box Elder 415227N - 1133028W Dennis Hill
Copper Blossom Mine Box Elder 413353N - 1120027W Brigham City
Dolly Clark Mine Box Elder 415818N - 1135204W Cotton Thomas Basin
Harrison Tunnel Box Elder 415727N - 1135038W Cotton Thomas Basin
Holton Mine Box Elder 412838N - 1115845W Mantua
Lucin Pit Box Elder 412024N - 1134755W Pigeon Mountain
Peg Leg Mine Box Elder 415916N - 1135253W Pole Creek
Skoro Mine Box Elder 415719N - 1135045W Cotton Thomas Basin
Vipont Mine Box Elder 415757N - 1135042W Cotton Thomas Basin
Workman Mine Box Elder 412531N - 1115830W Mantua
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Cache County
Amazon Mine Cache 415747N - 1113021W Tony Grove Creek
Bluebell Mine Cache 412413N - 1114700W James Peak
Honey Bee Mine Cache 412549N - 1115201W James Peak
La Plata Mine Cache 412642N - 1114042W Sharp Mountain
Lucky Star Mine Cache 414110N - 1113408W Boulder Mountain
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Carbon County
Aberdeen Mine Carbon 394218N - 1104716W Helper
Anderson Mine Carbon 391838N - 1110645W Red Point
Belina Mine Carbon 393958N - 1111113W Scofield
Carbon Fuel Mine #2 Carbon 394304N - 1105408W Standardville
Carbon Fuel Mine #3 Carbon 394244N - 1105348W Standardville
Castle Gate Mine #1 Carbon 394352N - 1105213W Helper
Castle Gate Mine #2 Carbon 394353N - 1105104W Helper
Castle Gate Mine #4 Carbon 394357N - 1105106W Helper
Clear Creek Mines #3 Carbon 393819N - 1110730W Jump Creek
Clear Creek Mines #4 Carbon 393820N - 1110741W Scofield
Deer Creek Mine Carbon 392126N - 1110657W Red Point
Fireside Mine Carbon 393724N - 1110909W Candland Mountain
Gibson Mine Carbon 394223N - 1110933W Scofield
Gordon Creek Mine Carbon 393912N - 1110233W Jump Creek
Hiawatha Mine Carbon 392941N - 1110319W Hiawatha
Ketchum Mine Carbon 394355N - 1105146W Helper
King Mine Carbon 392851N - 1110254W Hiawatha
King #4 & #5 Mine Carbon 392941N - 1110335W Hiawatha
Knight-Ideal Mine Carbon 394248N - 1104049W Deadman Canyon
Lone Pine Mine Carbon 394233N - 1105830W Standardville
Milburn Mine Carbon 394235N - 1104621W Helper
O'Conner Mine Carbon 393855N - 1111107W Scofield
Old Black Diamond Mine Carbon 393830N - 1111048W Scofield
Old Fireside Mine Carbon 393724N - 1110905W Candland Mountain
Peerless Mine Carbon 394215N - 1105430W Standardville
Plateau Mine Carbon 393111N - 1110142W Wattis
Pondtown Mine (1) Carbon 394801N - 1111251W Scofield Reservoir
Rolapp Mine Carbon 394440N - 1105259W Standardville
Skyline Mine Carbon 394104N - 1111204W Scofield
Star Point Mine Carbon 393139N - 1110223W Wattis
Sunnyside Mine Carbon 393347N - 1102213W Patmos Head
Swisher Mine Carbon 394131N - 1110408W Jump Creek
Utah Mine (1) Carbon 394137N - 1110915W Scofield
Wilberg Mine Carbon 391916N - 1110720W Red Point
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Davis County
Burro Mine Davis 405044N - 1114642W Fort Douglas
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Duchesne County
Castle Peak Mine Duchesne 400320N - 1100038W Myton SE
Frank Mine Duchesne 400601N - 1103752W Sams Canyon
Paint Mine Duchesne 403427N - 1103309W Kidney Lake
Pariette Mine Duchesne 400441N - 1100212W Myton SE
Payne Mine Duchesne 400553N - 1103752W Sams Canyon
Raven Mine Duchesne 400142N - 1103509W Buck Knoll
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Emery County
Anderson Mine Emery 391108N - 1111009W The Cap
Black Diamond Mine Emery 391633N - 1111217W Mahogany Point
Blackhawk Mine Emery 392809N - 1110103W Hiawatha
Browning Mine Emery 385138N - 1111519W Walker Flat
Co-op Mine Emery 392506N - 1110654W Hiawatha
Coenwal Mine Emery 392736N - 1111000W Rilda Canyon
Copper Golbe Mine Emery 384810N - 1105443W Copper Globe
Cowboy Mine Emery 385041N - 1111312W Mesa Butte
Des-Bee-Drive Mine Emery 391858N - 1110603W Red Point
Dog Valley Mine Emery 384618N - 1111613W Walker Flat
Geneva Coal Mine Emery 392737N - 1102109W Lila Point
Hunington #4 Mine Emery 392536N - 1110906W Rilda Canyon
Huntington Mine Emery 393703N - 1111305W Candland Mountain
Killpack Mine Emery 391157N - 1110943W The Cap
King #2 Mine Emery 392628N - 1110208W Hiawatha
Lucky Strike Mine Emery 384520N - 1105652W Copper Globe
Mohrland Mine Emery 392635N - 1110222W Hiawatha
Old Larsen Mine Emery 393233N - 1111314W Candland Mountain
Oliphant Mine Emery 391631N - 1111236W Mahogany Point
Trail Mountain Mine Emery 391859N - 1111121W Mahogany Point
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Garfield County
Bromide Mine Garfield 380401N - 1104732W Mount Ellen
Cherry Creek Mine Garfield 374621N - 1114815W Griffin Point
Corn Creek Mine Garfield 374710N - 1114839W Griffin Point
Del Mont Mine Garfield 374649N - 1103912W Copper Creek Benches
Hotshot Prospect Garfield 374456N - 1110626W Horse Pasture Mesa
Shakespeare Mine Garfield 373946N - 1115849W Pine Lake
Shootaring Mine Garfield 374526N - 1104213W Copper Creek Benches
Sneaky Prospect Garfield 374354N - 1110543W Horse Pasture Mesa
Stanton Mine Garfield 374847N - 1104555W Ant Knoll
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Grand County
Black Ape Mine Grand 384924N - 1093216W Mollie Hogans
Blackstone Incline Grand 385054N - 1093137W Mollie Hogans
Cactus Rat Mine Grand 385105N - 1092901W Cisco SW
Crescent Mine Grand 390109N - 1094821W Floy Canyon South
Hey Joe Mine Grand 383826N - 1100208W Tenmile Point
Jerry Stocks Mine Grand 383325N - 1091912W Warner Lake
Johns Incline Grand 385019N - 1093248W Mollie Hogans
Little Eva Mine Grand 385019N - 1093135W Mollie Hogans
Memphis Mines Grand 384936N - 1093148W Mollie Hogans
Parco Mines Grand 385013N - 1093149W Mollie Hogans
Ringtail Mine Grand 385051N - 1093220W Mollie Hogans
Telluride Mines Grand 384939N - 1093314W Mollie Hogans
Yellow Bird Mine Grand 384835N - 1093238W Mollie Hogans
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Iron County
Armstrong Mine Iron 374249N - 1131353W Cedar City NW
Cluff Mine Iron 373805N - 1125654W Flanigan Arch
Colorado Mine (1) Iron 373656N - 1132242W Page Ranch
Columbia Steel Mine Iron 373701N - 1132319W Page Ranch
East Pioche Mine Iron 374358N - 1131357W Cedar City NW
Escalante Mine Iron 374054N - 1134309W Beryl Junction
Etna Mine Iron 375258N - 1140214W Deer Lodge Canyon
Great Western Mine Iron 374454N - 1131212W Cedar City NW
Homestake Mine Iron 373911N - 1132108W Desert Mound
Independence Mine Iron 375406N - 1140154W Deer Lodge Canyon
Jennie Mine Iron 375355N - 1140258W Deer Lodge Canyon
Johnny Mine Iron 375937N - 1140131W Deer Lodge Canyon
Jumbo Mine Iron 375402N - 1140140W Deer Lodge Canyon
Lindsay Hill Mine Iron 374303N - 1131341W Cedar City NW
MacFarlane Mine Iron 373757N - 1125631W Flanigan Arch
New Arrowhead Mine Iron 380734N - 1134856W Pinto Spring
Ofer Mine Iron 375947N - 1140221W Deer Lodge Canyon
Skougard Mine Iron 380716N - 1134737W Steamboat Mountain
Smith Mine Iron 374427N - 1131149W Cedar City NW
The Quarry Iron 373820N - 1125150W Brian Head
Tucker Coal Mine Iron 373644N - 1130000W Cedar Mountain
Vermillion Mine Iron 374400N - 1131419W Cedar City NW
West Pioche Mine Iron 374358N - 1131401W Cedar City NW
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Juab County
Ajax Mine Juab 395538N - 1120643W Eureka
Alaska Mine Juab 395441N - 1120532W Eureka
Allah Mine Juab 395027N - 1122304W Cherry Creek
Annandale Mine Juab 395614N - 1120712W Eureka
Arrowhead Mine Juab 393516N - 1121559W Lynndyl East
Bates Shaft Juab 395011N - 1122421W Cherry Creek
Bell Hill Mine Juab 394157N - 1131020W Topaz Mountain West
Bismark Mine Juab 394810N - 1140130W Weaver Canyon
Black Boy Mine Juab 393414N - 1130204W Lady Laird Peak
Black Dragon Mine Juab 395513N - 1120620W Eureka
Black Warrior Mine Juab 395729N - 1120748W Tintic Junction
Blackjack Mine Juab 395532N - 1120644W Eureka
Blackjack Tunnel Juab 395514N - 1120635W Eureka
Blowout Mine Juab 394532N - 1131148W Dugway Range SW
Blue Bird Mine Juab 395318N - 1120532W Eureka
Bonanza Mine Juab 395027N - 1122347W Cherry Creek
Boss Tweed Mine Juab 395520N - 1120605W Eureka
Bradley Mine Juab 395857N - 1120819W Tintic Junction
Buckeye Mine Juab 395201N - 1120559W Tintic Mountain
Cactus Mine Juab 394957N - 1132855W Fish Springs SW
Carisa Mine Juab 395539N - 1120604W Eureka
Carisa Tunnel Juab 395536N - 1120604W Eureka
Centennial-Eureka Mine Juab 395635N - 1120718W Eureka
Chief #1 Mine Juab 395703N - 1120700W Eureka
Chief #2 Mine Juab 395716N - 1120617W Eureka
Cleveland Mine Juab 395458N - 1120712W Eureka
Colorado Chief Mine Juab 395739N - 1120718W Eureka
Columbus Tunnel Juab 395350N - 1120629W Eureka
Dagmar Mine Juab 395731N - 1120811W Tintic Junction
Dan Hough Mine Juab 395920N - 1120849W Tintic Junction
Dragon Mine Juab 395502N - 1120615W Eureka
Eagle & Bluebell Shaft Juab 395648N - 1120658W Eureka
Early Harvest Shaft Juab 395129N - 1132808W Fish Springs SW
Eighty-eight Shaft Juab 394937N - 1122357W Cherry Creek
Emerald Juab 395555N - 1120706W Eureka
Emma Mine Juab 395110N - 1132712W Fish Springs SW
Eureka Consolidated Mine Juab 395544N - 1120614W Eureka
Eureka Hill Juab 395652N - 1120717W Eureka
Evans Mine Juab 395639N - 1120749W Tintic Junction
Evelyn Mine Juab 395151N - 1120600W Tintic Mountain
Four Aces Mine Juab 395445N - 1120751W Tintic Junction
Galena Mine Juab 395125N - 1132724W Fish Springs SW
Garity Quarry Juab 395644N - 1120829W Tintic Junction
Gemini Mine Juab 395712N - 1120725W Eureka
General Logan Mine Juab 395647N - 1120738W Tintic Junction
Godiva Shaft Juab 395706N - 1120608W Eureka
Godiva Tunnel Juab 395710N - 1120605W Eureka
Gold Chain Mine Juab 395542N - 1120640W Eureka
Golden Ray Mine Juab 395634N - 1120744W Tintic Junction
Golden Sunset Mine Juab 395549N - 1120811W Tintic Junction
Golden Treasure Mine Juab 395354N - 1120608W Eureka
Governor Mine Juab 395514N - 1120607W Eureka
Grand Central Mine Juab 395612N - 1120654W Eureka
Great Eastern Mine Juab 395509N - 1120606W Eureka
Great Western King Mine Juab 395106N - 1122423W Cherry Creek
Herkimer Mine Juab 395614N - 1120728W Eureka
Hilltop Mine Juab 394542N - 1131206W Dugway Range SW
Homestake Mine Juab 395333N - 1120611W Eureka
Ibex Mine Juab 393334N - 1130152W Lady Laird Peak
Iron Blossom #1 Mine Juab 395530N - 1120556W Eureka
Iron Blossom Tunnel Juab 395526N - 1120559W Eureka
Iron King Mine Juab 395019N - 1122428W Cherry Creek
Joe Bowers Juab 395334N - 1120533W Eureka
Joe Daly Mine Juab 395426N - 1120633W Eureka
Jones Mine Juab 394939N - 1122409W Cherry Creek
Joseph Adit Juab 395133N - 1132816W Fish Springs SW
Kingsley Mine Juab 395458N - 1120748W Tintic Junction
Laclede Mine Juab 395313N - 1120611W Eureka
Last Chance Mine Juab 395445N - 1120553W Eureka
Lead King Mine Juab 395013N - 1122346W Cherry Creek
Limestone Quarry Juab 395550N - 1120740W Tintic Junction
Little May Mine Juab 395403N - 1120601W Eureka
Lower Mammoth Mine Juab 395539N - 1120657W Eureka
Lucky Boy Mine Juab 395418N - 1120617W Eureka
Lucky Strike Mine Juab 394830N - 1140054W Weaver Canyon
Luzerne Shaft Juab 395425N - 1120708W Eureka
Mammoth Shaft Juab 395556N - 1120641W Eureka
Martha Washington Shaft Juab 395446N - 1120626W Eureka
Mayday Shaft Juab 395703N - 1120604W Eureka
Mayday Tunnel Juab 395707N - 1120605W Eureka
Molly Gibson Mine Juab 395437N - 1120539W Eureka
Monterey Mine Juab 395440N - 1120727W Eureka
Munding Prospect Juab 395950N - 1121055W Tintic Junction
Murphy Mine Juab 395000N - 1122425W Cherry Creek
New State Mine Juab 395421N - 1120532W Eureka
Niebauer Mine Juab 395332N - 1120631W Eureka
North Beck Mine Juab 395801N - 1120800W Tintic Junction
North Star Mine Juab 395515N - 1120622W Eureka
Old Opex Mine Juab 395555N - 1120714W Eureka
Old Susan Mine Juab 395129N - 1120640W Tintic Mountain
Opex Mine Juab 395610N - 1120711W Eureka
Orient Mine Juab 395036N - 1122402W Cherry Creek
Oro Plata Mine Juab 395045N - 1122438W Cherry Creek
Oversight Mine Juab 394553N - 1131155W Dugway Range SW
Paxman Mine Juab 395752N - 1120722W Eureka
Phoenix Mine Juab 395537N - 1120635W Eureka
Picnic Mine Juab 395442N - 1120745W Tintic Junction
Primrose Mine Juab 395426N - 1120709W Eureka
Privateer Mine Juab 395151N - 1114605W Mona
Pyramid Mine Juab 394940N - 1122247W Cherry Creek
Queen of Sheba Mine Juab 394813N - 1135733W Ibapah Peak
Rabbits Foot Mine Juab 395431N - 1120712W Eureka
Raymond Mine Juab 395737N - 1120726W Eureka
Red Rose Mine Juab 395526N - 1120613W Eureka
Republic Mine Juab 395322N - 1120636W Eureka
Resurrection Mine Juab 395031N - 1122349W Cherry Creek
Retribution Mine Juab 395736N - 1120733W Tintic Junction
Ridge and Valley Mine Juab 395730N - 1120721W Eureka
Rising Sun Mine Juab 395159N - 1120540W Tintic Mountain
Rowleys Mine Juab 394407N - 1114832W Nephi
Ruby Shaft Juab 395424N - 1120501W Eureka
Sacramento Mine Juab 395718N - 1120745W Tintic Junction
Scotia Mine Juab 395032N - 1122322W Cherry Creek
Shoebridge Bonanza Juab 395340N - 1120547W Eureka
Showers Mine Juab 395324N - 1120536W Eureka
Silver Bow Mine Juab 395451N - 1120738W Tintic Junction
Silver Spar Juab 395523N - 1120619W Eureka
Sioux Ajax Tunnel Juab 395548 - 1120647W Eureka
Snowflake Mine Juab 395653N - 1120703W Eureka
South Iron Blossom Mine Juab 395448N - 1120531W Eureka
Southern Eureka Mine Juab 395616N - 1120719W Eureka
Sullivan Shaft Juab 395011N - 1122421W Cherry Creek
Sunbeam Mine Juab 395433N - 1120641W Eureka
Swansea Mine Juab 395451N - 1120756W Tintic Junction
Tennessee Rebel Mine Juab 395555N - 1120719W Eureka
Tesora Mine Juab 395402N - 1120558W Eureka
Tetro Shaft Juab 395709N - 1120621W Eureka
Tetro Tunnel Juab 395708N - 1120624W Eureka
Thursday Mine Juab 394508N - 1131143W Dugway Range SW
Tintic Central Mine Juab 395532N - 1120538W Eureka
Tintic Chief Mine Juab 394527N - 1120706W Tintic Mountain
Tintic Prince Mine Juab 395954N - 1121043W Tintic Junction
Tintic Western Mine Juab 395013N - 1122421W Cherry Creek
Treasure Hill Shaft Juab 395359N - 1120609W Eureka
Turk Mine Juab 395511N - 1120606W Eureka
Undine Mine Juab 395428N - 1120632W Eureka
United Tintic Mine Juab 395419N - 1120536W Eureka
Utah Mine Juab 395124N - 1132719W Fish Springs SW
Van Wagoner Mine Juab 395928N - 1120942W Tintic Junction
Victoria Northwest Mine Juab 395815N - 1120844W Tintic Junction
Victoria Shaft Juab 395640N - 1120650W Eureka
Vulcan Mine Juab 395105N - 1132711W Fish Springs SW
Walker Shaft Juab 395029N - 1122331W Cherry Creek
War Eagle Mine Juab 395017N - 1122412W Cherry Creek
Waveland Mine Juab 395933N - 1120927W Tintic Junction
West Morning Glory Mine Juab 395318N - 1120652W Eureka
West Swansea Mine Juab 395500N - 1120800W Tintic Junction
Wheeler Shaft Juab 395435N - 1120712W Eureka
Wilson Mine Juab 395059N - 1132710W Fish Springs SW
X Iron Duke Mine Juab 395444N - 1120726W Eureka
Yankee Girl Mine Juab 395430N - 1120737W Tintic Junction
Yellow Chief Mine Juab 394434N - 1130857W Topaz Mountain West
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Kane County
Hattie Green Mine Kane 370936N - 1115723W Fivemile Valley
King Mine Kane 371103N - 1120539W Eightmile Pass
Montezuma Mine Kane 371249N - 1122048W Pine Point
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Millard County
Brown Queen Mine Millard 391246N - 1132244W Notch Peak
Cudahy Mine Millard 384521N - 1125100W Cruz
Drum Mine Millard 393152N - 1130026W Lady Laird Peak
Jewkes Mine Millard 384211N - 1123242W Dog Valley Peak
Klondike Mine Millard 390949N - 1132221W Miller Cove
Purple Sage Mine Millard 384245N - 1123204W Dog Valley Peak
Rock Corral Quarry Millard 385120N - 1122920W Kanosh
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Morgan County
Robinson Mine Morgan 410755N - 1112314W Lost Creek Dam
Strawberry Mine Morgan 410801N - 1114956W Snow Basin
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Piute County
Blackbird Mine Piute 382525N - 1120714W Marysvale Peak
Deer Trail Mine Piute 382319N - 1121615W Mount Brigham
Grasshopper Mine Piute 382832N - 1122326W Mount Belknap
Lower Kimberly Mine Piute 382933N - 1122342W Mount Belknap
Prospector Mine Piute 382944N - 1121251W Marysvale
Rainbow Mine Piute 382623N - 1121845W Mount Brigham
Sevier Mine Piute 382936N - 1122449W Mount Belknap
Silver King Mine Piute 382853N - 1122213W Mount Brigham
Upper Kimbaberly Mine Piute 382911N - 1122346W Mount Belknap
VCA Mine Piute 382954N - 1121248W Marysvale
White Mine Piute 382827N - 1121130W Marysvale
Whitehorse Mine Piute 382831N - 1121121W Marysvale
Yellow Cougar Mine Piute 383032N - 1121715W Marysvale Canyon
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Rich County
Benjamin Mine Rich 414132N - 1110445W Rex Peak
Cherokee Mine Rich 414250N - 1110421W Rex Peak
Frank Mine Rich 414057N - 1110500W Rex Peak
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Salt Lake County
Alta Tunnel Salt Lake 403644N - 1113715W Brighton
American Tunnel Salt Lake 403729N - 1113419W Brighton
Apex Shaft Salt Lake 403125N - 1121014W Bingham Canyon
Apex Tunnel Salt Lake 403121N - 1120944W Bingham Canyon
Armstrong Tunnel Salt Lake 403109N - 1120951W Bingham Canyon
Baby McKee Mine Salt Lake 403617N - 1113931W Dromedary Peak
Baker Mine Salt Lake 404020N - 1114126W Mount Aire
Big Cottonwood Mine Salt Lake 403502N - 1113505W Brighton
Bingham Copper Mine Salt Lake 403120N - 1120855W Bingham Canyon
Bingham Tunnel Salt Lake 403140N - 1120545W Copperton
Black Bess Shaft Salt Lake 403558N - 1113622W Brighton
Butterfield Tunnel Salt Lake 402923N - 1120720W Tickville Spring
Carbonate Mine Salt Lake 403721N - 1113959W Dromedary Peak
Cardiff Mine Salt Lake 403628N - 1113903W Dromedary Peak
East Carbonate Tunnel Salt Lake 403729N - 1113906W Dromedary Peak
Eclipse Mine Salt Lake 403609N - 1113816W Dromedary Peak
Emma Tunnel Salt Lake 403533N - 1113752W Dromedary Peak
Flagstaff Mine Salt Lake 403548N - 1113812W Dromedary Peak
Fredrick Tunnel Salt Lake 403521N - 1113856W Dromedary Peak
Highland Tunnel Salt Lake 403055N - 1121001W Bingham Canyon
Howell Tunnel Salt Lake 403630N - 1113914W Dromedary Peak
Iowa Copper Tunnel Salt Lake 403703N - 1113403W Brighton
Kennebec Tunnel Salt Lake 403625N - 1113901W Dromedary Peak
Little Dollie Tunnel Salt Lake 403716N - 1113526W Brighton
Little Giant Mine Salt Lake 403722N - 1114009W Dromedary Peak
Mascotte Tunnel Salt Lake 403136N - 1120549W Copperton
Maxfield Mine Salt Lake 403832N - 1114109W Mount Aire
Meadow Tunnel Salt Lake 403634N - 1113925W Dromedary Peak
Michigan-Utah Mine Salt Lake 403544N - 1113649W Brighton
Monte Cristo Mine Salt Lake 403551N - 1113932W Dromedary Peak
New York Tunnel Salt Lake 403621N - 1113529W Brighton
Price Tunnel Salt Lake 403707N - 1113921W Dromedary Peak
Prince of Wales Shaft Salt Lake 403619N - 1113649W Brighton
Queen Mine Salt Lake 402953N - 1120832W Lowe Peak
Quincy Mines Salt Lake 403508N - 1113817W Dromedary Peak
Reed and Benson Mine Salt Lake 403613N - 1113847W Dromedary Peak
Regulator Johnson Mine Salt Lake 403601N - 1114024W Dromedary Peak
Saint Joe Tunnel Salt Lake 403033N - 1120659W Copperton
Sampson Mine Salt Lake 403631N - 1113843W Dromedary Peak
Scottish Chief Mine Salt Lake 403722N - 1113406W Brighton
Sells Tunnel Salt Lake 403455N - 1113847W Dromedary Peak
Silver Mountain Mine Salt Lake 403726N - 1114031W Dromedary Peak
Solitude Tunnel Salt Lake 403612N - 1113604W Brighton
South Hecla Mine Salt Lake 403515N - 1113808W Dromedary Peak
Tarbaby Mine Salt Lake 403705N - 1113911W Dromedary Peak
Treasure Box Mine Salt Lake 404959N - 1114617W Fort Douglas
Wasatch Drain Tunnel Salt Lake 403459N - 1113905W Dromedary Peak
Wasatch Mine Salt Lake 403637N - 1114037W Dromedary Peak
Woodlawn Mine Salt Lake 403626N - 1113633W Brighton
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San Juan County
Alice Mine San Juan 381519N - 1091649W La Sal West
Avalanche Mine San Juan 374731N - 1094249W Chippean Rocks
Beaver Shaft San Juan 381904N - 1091502W La Sal West
Betty Mine San Juan 375236N - 1094329W Cathedral Butte
Big Buck Mine San Juan 381116N - 1091531W Sandstone Draw
Big Indian Mine San Juan 381431N - 1091548W Sandstone Draw
Black Bean Mine San Juan 374737N - 1094302W Chippean Rocks
Black Hat Mine San Juan 382029N - 1090347W Ray Mesa
Blue Cap Mine San Juan 382014N - 1090337W Ray Mesa
Calliham Mine San Juan 375736N - 1090417W Piute Knoll
Chess Ridge Mine San Juan 382828N - 1091922W Mount Tukuhnikivatz
Cub Mine San Juan 380832N - 1090823W Lisbon Valley
Cuba Mine San Juan 380705N - 1090705W Summit Point
Cys Monument Mine San Juan 374144N - 1095239W Woodenshoe Buttes
Dream Mine San Juan 374909N - 1092927W Abajo Peak
Dream Mine San Juan 374906N - 1092856W Abajo Peak
Firefly Mine San Juan 381953N - 1090551W Ray Mesa
Ford Mine Shaft San Juan 373534N - 1093522W Black Mesa Butte
Gold Queen Mine San Juan 374952N - 1092800W Abajo Peak
Gray Daun Mine San Juan 382015N - 1090545W Ray Mesa
Happy Jack Mine San Juan 374508N - 1101734W Copper Point
Hecla Shaft San Juan 381852N - 1091835W La Sal West
Hespeotus Mine San Juan 381952N - 1090408W Ray Mesa
Homestake Mine San Juan 381351N - 1091649W Sandstone Draw
Homestake Mine San Juan 381510N - 1091724W La Sal West
La Sal Mine San Juan 381833N - 1091303W La Sal East
La Sal #2 Mine San Juan 381332N - 1091552W Sandstone Draw
LaSal Pass Mine San Juan 382558N - 1091644W Mount Tukuhnikivatz
Lisbon Mine San Juan 381554N - 1091655W La Sal West
Little Beaver Mine San Juan 381108N - 1091602W Sandstone Draw
Louise Mine San Juan 381055N - 1091438W Lisbon Valley
McCormic Mine San Juan 381134N - 1091515W Sandstone Draw
Mount Vida Mine San Juan 381132N - 1091516W Sandstone Draw
Pine Ridge Mine San Juan 381855N - 1091046W La Sal East
Rim Canyon Mine San Juan 380359N - 1091221W Sop Canyon
Sage Mine San Juan 375723N - 1090305W Piute Knoll
San Juan Shaft Mine San Juan 381347N - 1091621W Sandstone Draw
Silver Bell Mine San Juan 375859N - 1090339W Piute Knoll
Skyline Mine San Juan 370115N - 1101401W Goulding
Small Fry Mine San Juan 381405N - 1091609W Sandstone Draw
Snow Ball Mine San Juan 381834N - 1091406W La Sal East
Snowball Mine San Juan 381843N - 1091301W La Sal East
Standard Mine San Juan 381115N - 1091530W Sandstone Draw
Steamboat Point Mine San Juan 374503N - 1094953W Poison Canyon
Vanadium Queen Mine San Juan 382007N - 1090452W Ray Mesa
Wabin Mine San Juan 374135N - 1095218W Kigalia Point
Whirlwind Mine San Juan 371452N - 1102642W Monitor Butte
Whirlwind Mine San Juan 371455N - 1102642W Monitor Butte
Wilson Mine San Juan 375909N - 1090316W Piute Knoll
Yellow Circle Mines San Juan 382352N - 1092209W Mount Tukuhnikivatz
Zahn Camp San Juan 371230N - 1103539W No Mans Mesa North
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San Pete County
Morrison Mine Sanpete 391205N - 1113908W Sterling
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Sevier County
Antelope Mine Sevier 383129N - 1121421W Antelope Range
BW and H Mine Sevier 383044N - 1121718W Marysvale Canyon
Convulsion Coal Mine Sevier 385455N - 1112458W Acord Lakes
Knight Mine (1) Sevier 384538N - 1112700W Old Woman Plateau
Link Canyon Mine Sevier 385732N - 1111957W Emery West
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Summit County
Alliance Tunnel Summit 403735N - 1113017W Park City West
American Flag Shaft Summit 403742N - 1112959W Park City East
Anchor Mine Summit 403647N - 1113111W Brighton
Anchor Tunnel Summit 403707N - 1113044W Brighton
Apex Mine Summit 403721N - 1113223W Brighton
California Mine Summit 403719N - 1113225W Brighton
Chappell Mine Summit 405617N - 1112120W Turner Hollow
Comstock Mine Summit 403723N - 1113230W Brighton
Constellation Shaft Summit 403804N - 1112907W Park City East
Creole Tunnel Summit 403846N - 1113003W Park City West
Crescent Tunnel Summit 403737N - 1113211W Park City West
Daly West Mine Summit 403656N - 1113039W Brighton
Judge Tunnel Summit 403734N - 1113010W Park City West
Jupiter Mine Summit 403649N - 1113243W Brighton
Little Bell Shaft Summit 403639N - 1113030W Brighton
Lucky Bill Summit 403624N - 1113017W Brighton
Naildriver Summit 403654N - 1112914W Heber City
New York Summit 403655N - 1112920W Heber City
Ontario #1 Shaft Summit 403726N - 1112950W Heber City
Ontario Shaft #2 Summit 403721N - 1112936W Heber City
Park City Consolidated Summit 403815N - 1112833W Park City East
Queen Esther Shaft Summit 403853N - 1112821W Park City East
Quincy Mine Summit 403647N - 1113030W Brighton
Silver King Consolidated Summit 403803N - 1113116W Park City West
Silver King Extension Summit 404005N - 1112841W Park City East
Silver King Mine Summit 403753N - 1113044W Park City West
Spiro Tunnel Summit 403931N - 1113101W Park City West
Three Kings Summit 403855N - 1113037W Park City West
USLM 4 Mine Summit 403723N - 1113153W Brighton
Wabash Mine Summit 403707N - 1112922W Heber City
Walker & Webster Mine Summit 403727N - 1113109W Brighton
Weber Mine Summit 405556N - 1112217W Turner Hollow
Western Monitor Shaft Summit 403741N - 1113331W Park City West
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Tooele County
Ahlstrom Mine Tooele 402050N - 1123612W Johnson Pass
Alvarado Mine Tooele 401013N - 1134839W Gold Hill
Bar X Mine Tooele 395454N - 1124338W Indian Springs
Ben Harrison Mine Tooele 402759N - 1121942W Stockton
Bingham West Dip Tunnel Tooele 403309N - 1121156W Bingham Canyon
Calumet Mine Tooele 402655N - 1121949W Stockton
Cannon Mine Tooele 395917N - 1131324W Dugway Range NW
Chloride Point Mine Tooele 402115N - 1121427W Mercur
Clay Mine Tooele 401534N - 1121206W Mercur
Clinger Mine Tooele 395807N - 1123338W Erickson Knoll
Copper Jack Mine Tooele 395440N - 1123031W Erickson Knoll
Dewey Mine Tooele 400246N - 1135401W Ibapah
Dragon Mine Tooele 403141N - 1123554W North Willow Canyon
Eagles Nest Mine Tooele 395611N - 1134939W Goshute Canyon
Flying Dutchman Mine Tooele 395510N - 1123103W Erickson Knoll
Four Metal Mine Tooele 395952N - 1131106W Dugway Range NW
Garrison Mines Tooele 401441N - 1135005W Gold Hill
Geyser-Marion Mine Tooele 401919N - 1121243W Mercur
Golden Gate Mine Tooele 401921N - 1121234W Mercur
Hidden Treasure Mine Tooele 402317N - 1121616W Stockton
Hilltop Mine Tooele 395823N - 1123138W Erickson Knoll
Honerine Mine Tooele 402730N - 1122025W Stockton
Marblehead Quarry Tooele 405321N - 1125039W Craner Peak
Metal Queen Mine Tooele 403037N - 1123557W North Willow Canyon
Midas Mine Tooele 400408N - 1134821W Clifton
Monarch Mine Tooele 403125N - 1123558W North Willow Canyon
Monarch Mine Tooele 405540N - 1125002W Craner Peak
Monocco Mine Tooele 400531N - 1134901W Clifton
Montana Mine Tooele 402228N - 1121541W Ophir
Monte Carlo Mine Tooele 403833N - 1123551W Flux
New Bullion Mine Tooele 400008N - 1121257W Boulter Peak
Oro del Rey Mine Tooele 395524N - 1135011W Goshute Canyon
Queen of the Hills Mine Tooele 402306N - 1121658W Stockton
Rainbow Mines Tooele 395928N - 1131045W Dugway Range NW
Rose Mine Tooele 403249N - 1123557W North Willow Canyon
Rube Mine Tooele 401053N - 1134834W Gold Hill
Sacramento Mine Tooele 401843N - 1121253W Mercur
Scranton Mine Tooele 400306N - 1121156W Boulter Peak
Silver Drum Mine Tooele 402919N - 1123556W Deseret Peak East
Silver Hill Mine Tooele 401303N - 1135018W Gold Hill
Stardust Mine Tooele 401127N - 1135106W Gold Hill
Third Term Mine Tooele 403029N - 1123557W North Willow Canyon
Timm Mine Tooele 401144N - 1135054W Gold Hill
Tip Top Mine Tooele 402730N - 1121946W Stockton
United States Mine Tooele 400925N - 1134949W Gold Hill
Utah Bunker Hill Mine Tooele 403825N - 1123512W Flux
Utah Mine Tooele 395439N - 1123038W Erickson Knoll
Violet Ray Mine Tooele 401758N - 1121242W Mercur
Western Star Mine Tooele 403700N - 1123458W North Willow Canyon
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Uinta County
Dyer Mines Uintah 404407N - 1093403W Dyer Mountain
Little Water Mines Uintah 403216N - 1094918W Lake Mountain
Uteland Mine Uintah 400303N - 1094427W Ouray
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Utah County
Apex Standard #1 Mine Utah 395630N - 1120315W Eureka
Apex Standard #2 Mine Utah 395644N - 1120319W Eureka
Bay State Tunnel Utah 403141N - 1113536W Brighton
Beck #1 Shaft Utah 395627N - 1120549W Eureka
Beck #2 Shaft Utah 395638N - 1120548W Eureka
Big Hill Shaft Utah 395714N - 1120437W Eureka
Birdseye Quarry Utah 395522N - 1113117W Birdseye
Bluff Mine Utah 395854N - 1120222W Eureka
Bog Mine Utah 403314N - 1113704W Brighton
Burgin #1 Mine Utah 395700N - 1120243W Eureka
Burgin #2 Mine Utah 395656N - 1120251W Eureka
Central Standard Mine Utah 395840N - 1120343W Eureka
Colorado #1 Mine Utah 395611N - 1120540W Eureka
Colorado #2 Mine Utah 395622N - 1120542W Eureka
Copper Leaf Mine Utah 395816N - 1120340W Eureka
Crotons Mine Utah 395129N - 1112902W Indianola
Crown Point Mine Utah 395602N - 1120529W Eureka
Crown Point #2 Mine Utah 395620N - 1120525W Eureka
Crown Point #3 Mine Utah 395607N - 1120514W Eureka
Dream Mine Utah 400234N - 1113721W Spanish Fork Peak
Dream Mine Utah 400255N - 1113737W Spanish Fork
Dutchman Mine Utah 403143N - 1113607W Brighton
Earl-Eagle Mine Utah 403213N - 1113838W Dromedary Peak
East Crown Point Mine Utah 395600N - 1120422W Eureka
East Standard Mine Utah 395829N - 1120136W Eureka
East Tintic Coalition Mine Utah 395719N - 1120500W Eureka
Eureka Bullion Mine Utah 395718N - 1120419W Eureka
Eureka Lilly Mine Utah 395709N - 1120404W Eureka
Eureka Standard Mine Utah 395636N - 1120334W Eureka
Farragut Shaft Utah 395912N - 1120712W Eureka
Fields Prospect Utah 395906N - 1120751W Tintic Junction
Globe Mines Utah 403236N - 1113808W Dromedary Peak
Golden Relief Mine Utah 395902N - 1114445W Payson Lakes
Homansville Shaft Utah 395835N - 1120442W Eureka
Hot Stuff Mine Utah 400106N - 1121008W Boulter Peak
Humbug Tunnels Utah 395637N - 1120600W Eureka
Independence Shaft Utah 395818N - 1120157W Eureka
Iron Blossom #3 Mine Utah 395552N - 1120544W Eureka
Iron King #1 Mine Utah 395630N - 1120431W Eureka
Iron King #2 Mine Utah 395635N - 1120405W Eureka
Iron King Tunnel Utah 395628N - 1120356W Eureka
Keigley Quarry Utah 400037N - 1114837W West Mountain
Leader Mine Utah 400210N - 1113754W Spanish Fork
Lehi Tintic Mine Utah 400113N - 1120317W Allens Ranch
Lime Quarry Mine Utah 395840N - 1120439W Eureka
Maple Shaft Utah 395649N - 1120520W Eureka
Midwest Tunnel Utah 403230N - 1113710W Brighton
Miller Hill Tunnel Utah 403204N - 1113540W Brighton
Mineral Flat Tunnels Utah 403325N - 1113801W Dromedary Peak
Montana Shaft Utah 395630N - 1120346W Eureka
Mountain Dell Mine Utah 403233N - 1113606W Brighton
Nelson Mine Utah 400004N - 1114356W Spanish Fork
North Lily Shaft Utah 395731N - 1120413W Eureka
North Standard Mine Utah 395935N - 1120254W Eureka
Northern Spy Mine Utah 395546N - 1120556W Eureka
Old Beck Tunnel Utah 395636N - 1120533W Eureka
Old Mayflower Mine Utah 402704N - 1121100W Lowe Peak
Old Spanish Mine Utah 400156N - 1113529W Spanish Fork Peak
Original Iron King Mine Utah 395627N - 1120508W Eureka
Oxen Mine Utah 395824N - 1120431W Eureka
Pacific Mine Utah 403228N - 1113539W Brighton
Pinyon Queen Mine Utah 395904N - 1120222W Eureka
Provo Mine Utah 395712N - 1120405W Eureka
RGW Tunnel Utah 395837N - 1120427W Eureka
Salvador Mine Utah 395625N - 1120556W Eureka
Selma Mine Utah 400025N - 1120356W Allens Ranch
Silver Bell Mine Utah 403257N - 1113756W Dromedary Peak
Silver Dollar Mine Utah 400042N - 1120744W Boulter Peak
Sioux Shaft Utah 395556N - 1120541W Eureka
Sioux Tunnel Utah 395558N - 1120547W Eureka
South Standard Mine Utah 395542N - 1120405W Eureka
Sunday Tunnel Utah 403257N - 1113724W Brighton
Syndicate Mine Utah 395828N - 1114424W Payson Lakes
Texan Tunnel Utah 403214N - 1113627W Brighton
Tintic Davis Mine Utah 395953N - 1120546W Eureka
Tintic Empire Mine Utah 400057N - 1120344W Allens Ranch
Tintic Paymaster Mine Utah 400039N - 1120354W Allens Ranch
Tintic Paymaster #2 Mine Utah 400053N - 1120442W Allens Ranch
Tintic Standard #1 Mine Utah 395706N - 1120353W Eureka
Tintic Standard #2 Mine Utah 395720N - 1120340W Eureka
Tintic Standard #3 Mine Utah 395721N - 1120331W Eureka
Tiptop Mine Utah 395829N - 1120412W Eureka
Trixie Mine Utah 395555N - 1120357W Eureka
Trixie Mine Utah 395553N - 1120401W Eureka
Utah Mine Utah 395624N - 1120556W Eureka
Water Lily Mine Utah 395907N - 1120316W Eureka
White Star Mine Utah 395831N - 1120402W Eureka
Wyoming Tunnel Utah 403245N - 1113724W Brighton
Yankee Mine Utah 395652N - 1120549W Eureka
Yankee Mines Utah 403241N - 1113750W Dromedary Peak
Zuma Shaft Utah 395610N - 1120438W Eureka
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Wasatch County
Cunningham Tunnel Wasatch 403702N - 1112602W Heber City
East Ontario Mine Wasatch 403810N - 1112747W Park City East
East Utah Shaft Wasatch 403742N - 1112635W Park City East
Flagstaff Mine Wasatch 403625N - 1113010W Brighton
Glencoe Mine Wasatch 403633N - 1112743W Heber City
Hawkeye McHenry Mine Wasatch 403716N - 1112815W Heber City
Jones Shaft Wasatch 403616N - 1113126W Brighton
Keeler Tunnel Wasatch 403659N - 1112547W Heber City
Mayflower Mine Wasatch 403659N - 1112627W Heber City
McCune Tunnel Wasatch 403742N - 1112641W Park City East
Park Heber Tunnel Wasatch 403404N - 1112713W Heber City
Park King Mine Wasatch 403731N - 1112723W Park City East
Park Konold Mine Wasatch 403731N - 1112326W Park City East
Park Premier Shaft Wasatch 403701N - 1112415W Heber City
Queen Tunnel Wasatch 403725N - 1112342W Heber City
Star Tunnel Wasatch 403651N - 1112738W Heber City
Steamboat Tunnel Wasatch 403422N - 1113449W Brighton
Valeo Mine Wasatch 403557N - 1112747W Heber City
Wasatch Mine Wasatch 403711N - 1112844W Heber City
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Washington County
Apex Mine Washington 370417N - 1134805W Jarvis Peak
Black Warrior Mine Washington 370353N - 1134912W Jarvis Peak
Bull Run Mine Washington 372312N - 1135345W Goldstrike
Cobb Mine Washington 371415N - 1132251W Harrisburg Junction
Doyle Shaft Washington 371446N - 1132123W Hurricane
Emma Mine Washington 372605N - 1135732W Goldstrike
Epsolon Mine Washington 372707N - 1131312W Kolob Arch
Paymaster Mine Shaft Washington 370401N - 1134818W Jarvis Peak
Vanderbilt Mine Washington 371401N - 1132013W Hurricane
Westside Mine Washington 370436N - 1134906W Jarvis Peak
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Wayne County
Factory Butte Coal Mine Wayne 382834N - 1105438W Factory Butte
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Weber County
Hidden Hole #2 Mine Weber 411519N - 1115000W Huntsville
Hidden Hole #3 Mine Weber 411511N - 1114945W Huntsville
Shanghai Creek #1 Mine Weber 411533N - 1115004W Huntsville
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