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Welcome to the News Wire page. Here I will list the latest up-dates to the site and other news about the Railroads that still run in Utah. If you have any news, please drop me an e-mail and I will post it.

Salina to Levan Update

Genesee & Wyoming to buy Utah Railway.

New background and buttons time. Also fix some HTML errors and updated links.

KUED-Channel 7 in Salt Lake City, Utah is premiering a railroad-focused documentary on May 7 called PROMONTORY. It tells the story behind the driving of the golden spike at Promontory Summit in 1869, the meeting place between Union and Central Pacific rail companies.
Joey Marquart
KUED-7 Promotions

Proposed Rail Project In Central Utah Has Feds' Preliminary OK.

Added a Mars/Gyro Light page to the D&RGW section and a UP Roster Changes page.

Added map links to all of the locale pages.

End of the line for Utah mining railroad.

Kennecott Utah Copper Corp.'s mining railroad, which links its Bingham Mine with its North Concentrator plant in Magna, Utah, was scheduled to shut down sometime this month after the company closes its concentrator plant.

Uploaded UP 2001 renumbering plan for the T-2's.

Finished my April Road Trip to Helper

Finished my March Road Trip to Helper.

Announcing the Rio Grande Modeling & Historical Society

Latest Mining News

Latest Kennecott Utah Copper News

Split the Carbon County RY into two pages.

The latest Heber Valley RR News

Great Salt Lake and Southern Railroad news.

Added two new pages on the Wyoming Rails site. I put them there to save space here as they are of general interest. The first is a page with links to all of the operating railroads in the world. The second is a page with links to the history of North American railroads.
Operating Railroads of the World
History of Railroads

Finished doing some style changes to all the pages on the site. Checked and corrected all the links. Corrected or added new information to a lot of the pages. Other than that, been sitting in my easy chair.

The latest Heber Valley RR News

Added a link to the TrainBoard DRGW Forum

Utah Railway has purchased six MK5000C's. Utah has been running tests on 3 of the 6 units that were built buy MK Rail. The new units will be painted into Utah Railway colors and will have the road numbers of 5001 to 5006.

The Heber Valley Railroad has added another car to the growing list of maintenance equipment used to repair and build new track. The 1950 vintage gondola is a rare find. The arrival of the maintenance car from Ogden coincides with the construction of the railroad's turn-of-the-century style depot, which should be completed sometime in late spring. The Heber Valley Railroad runs within a half- mile of the cross-country and biathlon sites for the 2002 Winter Olympic Game.

Latest news on the Uintah Basin to Rangely Rail Line.

Added Utah Eastern RY to the Railroad pages.

Finally finished up the Railroad section. Will be adding new pages or revising old ones when information is found.

Latest NE Utah News

Other than moving the site twice in the past month, I have gotten rid of all the junk code that I had and made it faster loading. The main change was on the Railroad page. It was a mess. I have also made the Daily Trace active. Now for up to the minute location, just click on the unit number. I plan on finishing up the rest of the railroads in the next month if I get the information in a timely fashion. Am also working on a new site that I will work on 100% of the time as soon as this one is done. Don't worry about Utah Rails going stale as I am always finding more information.

Willow Creek Update

I just finished a six day road trip to Helper and beyond.

Added a Mining News page.

Fixed the bad links on the "Shays" page.

Added Link to Utah Tourist Rail Road and Railroad Museum List.

Page additions. I have finally finished up the interurbans and electrics along with the lines in and around Carbon County, AKA Helper.

Utah Rails Home Page

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