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UP C4400CCTE's Changes

UP 5700-5874.

About on March 15, 2002, Don Zimmerman noticed a change in the inverter panels on the fireman's side of the newer UP C4400CCTE's. The older version used four bolt-on panels, while the new on uses one smaller bolt-on and two larger welded panels. The older panels are flat, while the larger, new ones use the X pattern strengthening.

I have been noting the inverter panel type and seem to have found that the change occurred between UP 5813=old and UP 5814=new.

Thanks to:
Steve Faulkner
Boise, ID

In the designation C4400CCTE, the letters "CTE" stand for Control Tractive Effort. This is a feature that will allow for the maximum tractive effort of the locomotive to be reduced automatically when used as a DPU (Distributed Power Unit) in non-heavy haul service such as on manifest trains. This will help to prevent failures such as broken knuckles. Now when used as a DPU in heavy haul service such as on a unit coal train, the unit will be capable of producing its full rated tractive effort.

The following units will have flags.
5695-5699 (note 1)


1, As indicated earlier on LocoNotes, people were wondering what UP 5695-5699 were. I said there wasn't any ... but things have changed recently.

These five units are GE AC4400 Tier II demonstrators that have the GEVO prime mover inside.

Originally they were to be GECX 5695-5699 and painted in full UP colors, with flags and wings. But UP has insisted that if they are going to wear such markings that they also must wear UP reporting marks ... thus UP 5695-5699.

Three will arrive before the end of this month, the other two in April 2003. They will be assigned to the Pacific Northwest to operate primarily over the Blue Mountains.

UP designation will be C45ACCTE -- they have CTE software and "45" is to make sure that crews do not mistake them for C44ACs.

GE's Tier II web site: GE Evolution Series

UP 5698 Picture

From Sean Graham-White.

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