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TCS Event Descriptions

Event Code Event Description
AP Placed at Industry
AR Arrived
BO Bad Order
BP Bad Order Placement
BR Bad Order Release from Industry
CC Released from Cash Customer
CG Coopering
CH Hold to add/remove Chassis
CI Hold for Customs Inspection
CN Consolidation
CO Conditioning
CP Hold Constructive Placement
CR Hold for Clearance
CS Hold for Chargeable Storage
CU Placed for Complete Unload
DI Hold for Distribution
DP Departed
DR Diversion/reconsignment
ED Departed
FB Hold for Billing
FC Future Constructive Placement
FE Full Service at Destination
FL Hold to Finish Loading
FO Full Service at Origin
FS Hold Future Storage
GI Hold for Grain Inspection
GP Placed for Grain Inspection
HC Hold for Central Car Control
HD General Hold
HL Hold for Loading
HM Hold Mech Loading/Unloading
HP Heat Prior to Loading
HS Hold for Storage in Transit
IC Ice
ID Interchange Delivered
IR Interchange Received
IS Industry Setout
IY Inventory Discrepancy
JJ Council Bluffs Switch
JS Junction Settlement Account
LD Loaded on Flat Car
LS Local Service Only
MC Cleared for Border Crossing
MF Cleared for Border Crossing
MT Hold for Mate
MV Hold for Manual Scheduling
NC New Car Event
NE New Equipment
NS Hold Nonchargeable Storage
NT Notification Accomplished
NV New Trailer Event
OD Interchanged Delivered
OK Released Bad Order
OT Hold for OS&D Inspection
PC Placed for Conditioning
PE Prospective Load
PI Iced Prior to Loading
PJ Maintenance of Way
PL Pulled from Industry
PR Placed at Ramp
PU Part Unload
R7 Hold for Rule 7
RC Refused by Customer
RD Return to Delivering Road
RH Released from Hold
RL Released from Industry
RP Home for Repair
RR Rubber Tire Receipt
SA Scheduled Arrival
SD Scheduled Departure
SI Hold Spotting Instructions
SJ Scheduled Junction
SK Requires Shelf Couplers
SL Placed for Loading
SP Scheduled Pull from Industry
SS Hold for Surplus Storage
ST Mechanical Storage
TA Arrived
TD Departed
TF Transferred from
TL Transload Shipment
TN Hold for Turning Car
TR Transfered Load
TT Transferred to
UT Unit Train
VN Hold for Customer Notification
VG Van Grounded
WG Weigh Accomplished
WM Mechanical Light Weigh
YA Yard Arrival
YD Yard Departure

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