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WashARP On Line Archive


A search of the web no longer shows the existence of an organization called "WashARP". We assume that organization was superceded by All Aboard Washington which continues to promote rail as an integral part of Washington state's transporation solutions. To visit their website click here. Names, dates, phone numbers, email addresses, and broken links have been removed from this web page as they are most likely all out of date. This is a very large archival website. Please ignore out of date email addresses that you will find on other pages of this website.

This website is no longer updated but still containes useful archival information from WashARP including old meeting minutes, old newsletters, historic On-Time performance data, historic corridor ridership, and pictures. The last update to this archival website was September 7, 2004. Links below are provided to very interesting archival photos including the First Day of Amtrak Cascades Service, Pasco Passenger Intermodal Facility, November 30, 1998 Mt. Baker and Mt. Hood Inaugurals, Amtrak Cascades Christening Ceremony, Talgo Manufacturing Facility Pictures, IC3 Flexliner Demo in Oregon State and Farewell to Amtrak's Pioneer.

The Washington Association of Rail Passengers was a consumer oriented, rail advocacy group organization compromised of citizens, businesses and other public interest groups from Washington State, as well as from neighboring states and provinces. Working together for improved rail transportation services in the Pacific Northwest, WashARP worked in concert with similar rail passenger groups in Oregon, California, and British Columbia. They also maintained a cooperative relationship with the National Association of Rail Passengers, based in Washington DC.

WashARP Purpose:

The Association believed that a modern rail passenger rail network is an essential element of a truly balanced transportation system in which each mode of transport (highway, air, ferry and rail) is used to its best advantage. Governments can no longer ignore the alternatives that railroads and passenger trains offer. Yet, they continue to give preferential treatment to inefficient and congested highway and airway systems. We encourage government agencies that deal with transportation to consider the economic, social and environmental benefits that railroads have to offer.

The Washington Association of Rail Passengers was a non-profit 501(c)3 citizen activist organization funded sorely by membership dues and donations. Membership was encouraged for any individual or group that has a concern in developing a balanced, cost-effective and environmentally sound transportation network in Washington State. Contributions were tax deductible under IRS rules. Members received a membership card, a bi-monthly newsletter covering efforts of the Association and notification of upcoming Association meetings.

The following links below access WashARP's archive materials:

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