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Approximately 70 vendors will participate at International Railfair 2001. Each vendor specializes in several of the many types of model railroad and railfan products.  You will see model railroad products available in all model railroad scales, including detail parts, locomotives, cabooses, freight cars, passenger cars, track, tools, "how-to" books, railroad books, railroad history books, model and prototypical commercial/professional videos, DC and DCC operating system products, scale vehicles, scale people, buildings, large industrial industries, paint, electrical supplies, photographs, railroad hats, jackets, paintings, and many more products.  Some of our vendors travel throughout the year to many model railroad shows throughout the West.  They are specialists of their product lines.

As we confirm the participation of the vendors for this year's show, their vendor company name and the types of products they specialize in will be listed below.

If you are a vendor and you are interested in participating at our two-day show, please contact our vendor manager, John Caldwell at, if you are not already on his vendor mailing list.  

All vendors are required to have a valid California Retail Sales Tax Number and vendors must collect taxes with all sales.

Vendor tables are in high demand and they are generally sold out very early in the year.  Only vendors selling railroad related items can purchase tables.  Tables may not be sub-let.  The first three tables you order will cost $45 each, a fourth, fifth, and sixth table, is $55 each.  Vendors will be asked to provide a voluntary contribution to the Saturday night banquet raffle.  

Non-profit groups (e.g. historical societies) may purchase a table for $20. No sales, except the group's logo items and other items directly related to the group, can be made from this table.  Additional tables are $45.

Vendor invitations are sent first to vendors who have participated at IRF in recent past shows.  Vendors are accepted on a first-come, first serve basis. The vendor application must include payment in full to confirm a vendor's participation.  
Applications will be retained until shortly before the show.  When a vendor must cancel his participation, the next available vendor applicant will be accepted.  Because vendor space is at a premium, the fewer tables you request, the greater your chance of acceptance.  If a table is not available, your check will be returned.

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