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Metrolink Photo Archive
A presentation by the Los Angeles Metrolink Historical Society

There is no organizational, official, or implied connection between this website, and the subject of study "Metrolink" and the Southern California Regional Rail Authority.  This endeavor is an individual effort to document the progress and historical significance of Metrolink for future posterity.

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This website was inspired by the "Amtrak Photo Archive" that has documented Amtrak from its inception in 1971 to present day.  Metrolink started its first run in 1992, just a few years ago and already we are seeing this dynamic regional commuter rail system evolve.  This website contains a photo history and archive of trains, engines, cars, stations and an occasional employee of the nation's fastest growing metropolitan commuter rail system.  Metrolink is located in the Los Angeles Area of Southern California.

* Our Featured Presentation *

Metrolink Holiday Toy Express

With 30,000 lights, Santa Claus and a whole cast of characters, the Metrolink Holiday Toy Express makes it runs throughout the Metrolink system.  Join Charles White and Tom Morrow as they document one of the runs from Los Angeles, Burbank, Sylmar and Santa Clarita stations on a cold rainy night November 29, 2002.

The presentation has 40 images and may take awhile to load.

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This site was brand spanking new as of 3/3/00.

Historic Events

"Xmas Train 2002" November 29, 2002
"Trucker On The Train" March 9, 2000

Engines - Motive Power

EMD F59 PH 1992 - Present 17 Photos
EMD F59 PH-I 1996 - Present 1 Photo

Coaches - Rolling Stock

Bombardier Coach 1992 - Present 3 Photos
Bombardier Coach-Cab 1992 - Present 13 Photos
Caboose 2001 1 Photo
Flat Car No Photos Yet

Stations & Facilities

Stations No Photos Yet
Engine & Car Shops 1 Photo
Signal System No Photos Yet
Ticket Machines No Photos Yet
Vehicles 1 Photo

Historic Incidents
Commentary regarding Rail Safety by Steve Grande

April 23, 2002
8:08 A.M.
BNSF & Metrolink Collision Head On Photos & Story
November 18, 1999
8:15 A.M.
BNSF & Metrolink Collision End Clip Photos & Stroy


Metrolink Official Website
Bombardier - Manufacturers of the rail coaches

General Motors/EMD - Manufacturers of the F59ph
and F59phi locomotives.


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