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I would like to thank you for coming to my site; and I would like to first say that it is not dedicated strictly to the Pennsylvania railroad, but to the railroads that have lived and are living now in Pennsylvania. I am still learning myself about the railroads that were in Pennsylvania many years ago, and so if I leave out a railroad in particular I will not be offended if you politely e-mail me and let me know about it. I could go and list all the many of millions of short lines in the Pennsy area, but I'm afraid I would run out of web space doing that, so I am going to try to just stick to the basic major railroads. For right now I am limited on the number of pictures I have on my sight, but I promise that within time there will be many more pictures for you all to enjoy. Now, just sit back, and enjoy your trip back into the beginning of railroading in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Trains

The History of it All



Conrail Photos

CSXT Photos

CSXT Photos, Part II

Norfolk Southern Photos--I have close to no Norfolk Southern Photos, if anyone has any they'd like to donate, please let me know. Thanks muches

Pennsylvania Shortline Photos If you happen to have any scanned images of any Pennsylvania shortlines I would love to see them. And of course if you contribute, I will fully credit you towards the picture.

Other Railroad Photos

Other Railroad Photos, Part II

Newspaper Articles


"You know you're a railfan when..." An oh so true tale of how to tell when you are a railfan.


I need ya'lls help on this one...I would like to place a spot on my page that can tell people good railfanning places in the state of Pennsylvania. I know a *few* places here in Pittsburgh, but I don't know anything about the rest of the state. I'm not asking for you to reveal to me your most precious and sacred watching spots, just some already known, public areas that people who are visiting the area may want to check out to watch some serious train action. As soon as I feel I have enough information then I will post the section. Thanks so much for your help! Please e-mail me with your information.

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