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Page One, Bakersfield to Denver

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(35K) At Bakersfield, Train #717, The San Joaquin.

(35K) Looking ahead, we have a clear signal to depart Bakersfield. All cars were Amtrak California equpiment.

California State Railroad Museum

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(57K) I had less than two hours to cover the entire museum which I did! In the rush I didn't have time to read any of the displays so I don't know the history of the locomotives in my photos. They just looked nice.

(44K) The lighting was just like this in person.

(51K)Engine #13. I would love to see this one run.

(44K) The kitchen in a Pullman dining car.

(45K) "Dinner is served." What a treat it would be to eat in this dining car! Here, the "dinner is served chimes" are rung.

(37K) These locomotives I have always wanted to see. Too bad they weren't outside.

(34K) Front view of a Western Pacific F unit.

(34K) This locomotive is massive and was the first "cab forward" locomotive. I thought it was a Union Pacific Big Boy when I first saw it.

(35K) A look at this magnificent locomotive from the rear. Incredible!

(44K) This would look fabulous on the outside of my house.

Sacramento to Denver

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(54K) Donner Pass was breathtaking the entire way with lots of curves for photos of our locomotives in front of a snowy landscape.

(26K) Heavy snows the previous day buried sidings several feet deep in snow. Loaders to move snow were a common sight this day on Donner Pass.

(41K) These loaders were everywhere removing snow.

(49K) Breathtaking Donner Lake.

(45K) Another view of Donner Lake.

(51K) Approaching the horseshoe curve at the east end of the lake.

(36K) Power car for an SP Rotary snow plow working just west of the Truckee Amtrak station. This Rotary received much attention from the media and railfans at the Truckee station.

(37K) The massive Rotary plow doing what it does best! Here it is cleaning out a siding west of the Truckee depot. A few hundred yards down the line, a huge photoline of railfans and media photograph the Rotary with still and video cameras.

(56K) Downtown Reno, Nevada provides a nice setting to watch trains. The train station at Reno is in the center of town which makes it convenient to spend the evening and return to the Bay area on the following day's train.

(33K) My car attendant, Al, during our station stop at Reno.

(33K) A service stop at Sparks, NV allowed me to get a few photos.

(38K) Looking down the corridor of my sleeping car, Standard Bedrooms are on both sides. Deluxe bedrooms are on the other end of the car.

(44K) At Grand Junction, CO, the relief engineer makes his way to the locomotive.

(48K) Beginning the long climb into the Rocky Mountains with the Colorado River at our side.

(66K) Famous Hotel Colorado at Glenwood Springs.

(51K) Beautiful scenery with plenty of snow was the norm the entire way through the Rockies. Best of all there weren't any delays on account of the snow.

(44K) It looked like we were on the river at one point.

(52K) When I was little I remember going through this tunnel when I visited my Aunt who lived in Frisco, CO at the time.

(37K) Snowing quite hard, we duck into a tunnel ahead.

(57K) White water rafters frequent the Colorado River in the Summer.

(33K) A materials handling car on the rear of our train along with beautiful rock and cliff formations can be seen while on the horseshoe curve at east Donner Lake. Unfortunately there was some window glare in the photo.

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All Photos © 1998 Steven Reynolds.

Table by Mike Kimura

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