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Richmond, Fredericksburg and Potomac
RF+P Map D.C. Washington Union Station (MP 113.5) was the northern terminus of the RF&P's passenger service, though the trackage was Pennsy/Penn Central/Conrail.
PY Potomac Yard (MP 107.2) was the northern terminus of the RF&P. The northern end was electrified by the Pennsylvania. The yard had two humps, one for each direction. A modern intermodal facility was located on the east side of the yard.

Shortly before its demise, it was one of the most modern yards in the country. These days, its location has been developed into a new shopping complex. In years past, the Washington & Old Dominion, Pennsylvania, Penn Central, Conrail, Baltimore & Ohio, Chesapeake & Ohio, Chessie System, CSX, Southern, Norfolk Southern and CP/D&H have done interchanging here.

The fall of 1998 saw the mainline relocated from the west side of the former yard property to the east side, adjacent to the metrorail right of way.

Alexandria Alexandria (MP 105.3) was my stomping ground, with most of my pictures coming between PY and AF. The 1905 Station here was in the process of being restored. Both of VRE's lines stop here, and Amtrak still mans the station. The old freight house used to be where the King Street metrorail station is now.

CSX removed the easternmost track (leaving 3 tracks) in the late 90s.

AF David Davies Photo
AF Interlocking (MP 104.3) is where the ex-Southern Line to Manassas splits from the RF&P. VRE's two lines split here as well. The interlocking can be viewed from the Telegraph Road overpass.

Just past AF tower were the shops of Fruit Growers Express. David Davies Photo

Franconia David Davies Photo
In pre-Metro times, the sweeping curve at Franconia (MP 99.3) was an excellent photo spot. Just south of the grade lies the new Franconia/Springfield Metro Station, the southern terminus of the Blue Line, and a corresponding VRE platform. An earlier station at the crest of Franconia Hill (Near present-day Franconia Road, MP 99.3) was torn down in 1952.   Franconia also boasted the highest elevation above sea-level on the RF&P.

David Davies Photo

Newington (post 1954)
Accotink (pre 1954)
David Davies Photo
Accotink/Newington (MP 95.7) The little used U.S. Government tracks to Fort Belvoir interchange here. The tracks on base have been abandoned on South Post, and the Newington station is long gone (torn down 1971). 

David Davies Photo

Lorton  Lorton (MP 92.5) is the Northern terminus of Amtrak's Auto Train to Florida. About a half-mile south of the terminal a one-lane wooden bridge crosses over the tracks (Gunston Cove Road). North of the AutoTrain terminal is VRE's Lorton Station.
Colchester The little town of Colchester lies just north of the Occoquan. The bridge over the Occoquan can be viewed from here at mp 90 (MP 89.9 in 10/89 timetable). 
Woodbridge (Post 1951)
Occoquan (pre-1951)
Woodbridge (MP 89.4) boasts a new station to host VRE's functions. Just north is the bridge over the Occoquan River. Between Woodbridge and Cherry Hill are several spectacular bridges over inlets from the Potomac River.

 A station and freight house used to be located just south of the Occoquan river crossing. The team track there (west of track 3, just under the old Railroad Ave Bridge) is still used today.

Cherry Hill Cherry Hill (MP 82.4) is a future stop on VRE's Fredericksburg Line.
Quantico Quantico (MP 78.8) is one of Amtrak's Tidewater (Northeast Direct) service stops, and also hosts VRE. Its station was built in 1953 to conform to the architecture of the Marine Corps base. It replaced a two-story frame structure constructed 1919. A freight station was on the opposite side of the tracks.
RF&P Passenger service from Richmond reached Quantico in 1871, and ceased exactly 99 years later. Prior to 1920, Quantico is also where the RF&P ended, and met the southern terminus of the Washington Southern (Nee Alexandria and Fredericksburg). The section from Aquia to Quantico fell under the authorization of up to a 10mile branch after reaching the Potomac.
Aquia David Davies Photo
Aquia (MP 70.7) was where the RF&P first reached the Potomac. Prior to 1871, Cargo and Passengers were transferred to steamboat here for the trip to Washington.
Brooke David Davies Photo
Brooke (MP 68.1)

David Davies Photo

Fredericksburg RF&P's Fredericksburg (MP 59.4) Station still stands, and the Virginia Railway Express' southern terminus is here. The 1910 station was renovated in 1927, at the time when the tracks were elevated. The Rappahannock River crossing was built in 1927 as well. This was the last section of the RF&P to be double tracked.

FB tower (MP 58.8) governed access to the Fredericksburg Yard

Summit Summit (MP 51.5)
Guinea Guinea (MP 46.9)
Woodford Woodford (MP 44.5) info, courtesy of Bill Sheild
Bowing Green Park
Milford Milford (MP 37.8) rated heavy agricultural traffic in the late 1800s, and was a busy station through the second world war, with Fort A.P. Hill nearby.  The frame station was built 1891, and dismantled in favor of a shelter in 1955. MD Tower was here. In the 70s, Milford Yard was home to rolling stock awaiting the scrapper's torch.
Penola Penola (MP 33) rated an 1886 frame passenger depot, and a freight depot of the same year. Both lasted into the 1940s, when the passenger depot was dismantled and the freight station converted to dual-use. Around the same time, a shelter shed was installed for northbound patrons.  The shelter was removed 1951, and the freight station was removed 1954.
Ruther Glen David Davies Photo
Ruther Glen (MP 27.1)

David Davies photo

Doswell Denis Blake Photo Doswell (MP 21.8) has the diamond from the old C&O Charlottesville - Richmond line. Most of the CSX traffic now stays on the RF&P. Kings Dominion is a few miles away. HN tower guarded the diamond.

The Brick station was opened in 1928, replacing an earlier frame structure.

Denis Blake Photo

Ashland (MP 14.8) has the picturesque double-track main splitting main street. Randolph-Macon College is across the tracks from the station, built 1923. At one time, a freight station stood on the east side of the tracks across from the station. To this day, trains are restricted to 15 M.P.H. 
The RF&P Donated the station to the Town of Ashland in 1983.  It serves as their visitors' center.

Rob McKeever Photo

Elmont One of the first stops in Hanover County, MP 11.5.
Glen Allen MP 8.1.  Frame station was closed by the RF&P in 1956.
Laurel (MP 6.4)
AY Acca Yard was the southern terminus of the RF&P's freight trains. Here they interchanged with the ACL & SAL. The RF&P's Bryan Park shops were located here.  The James River Branch split west at the Wye at AY Tower at the south end of the yard.
Richmond Broad Street Station in Richmond was shared between the ACL and the RF&P. Today, it is currently being used as a science museum. Three of the west platform tracks have been reinstalled, and there is some equipment on display. The RF&P (Richmond, Freelance & Prototype) Model Railroaders also have space here.  Company business car RFP ONE is on display now as well.

Station points & Mileposts from October 1989 timetable

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