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The TVR was founded over ten years ago under to auspices of the J & E Train Depot when that store was located in the WinSum Sports building. When the hobby shop moved out of WinSum Sports, so did the club. Since then the club has had a couple of temporary residences, but no permanent home. When not in one of our temporary residences, the layout has been stored and worked on at one of the member's home. Currently, the layout is being stored at a member's home in Tolland. His basement has enough space to set up as many as four modules to work on them. In this fashion we have rebuilt the steel mill modules to make them easier to operate, and also worked on other projects such as replacing poorly operating turnouts. Current projects being considered include: rewiring the layout with two additional control panels to improve operation at shows, powering mainline turnouts to eliminate reaching over the layout to throw turnouts, and finishing the scenery to improve the layouts appearance. There are several active members participating in the club at this time.

Our schedule the last two or three years has included the Amherst Train Show at the Big E in West Springfield, our open house at the Arts Center in Tolland, and two or three additional one-day train shows in the area using a switching layout we built. Until another temporary or permanent residence is found, the club will continue to explore other options for storage and transportation of the layout.

The club has received good news. Ken has allowed us to keep the layout setup in his basement. We will setup a schedule for Friday nights that will alternate between operating and working nights.

The club is seeking new members.


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