Ohio & Indiana Railroad Disclaimer

Please read and understand the following:

First off, it should be noted that the Ohio & Indiana Railroad, nor any of the other "made up" railroads found in these pages, are related to or endorsed by the real life railroads that may have taken over their remains.  These railroads are simply attempts to develop an idea for the creation of a new model railroad, and to give that railroad a sense of realism.

Ohio & Indiana Railroad is just the name for this website, and does not depict a real railroad.  OHIR is in no way related to or connected with the Indiana & Ohio Railway Company.  Yes, our trains look like their old image, but this is an image they no longer use and a name that does not exist.  No one involved with the Ohio & Indiana Railroad can be held accountable for any confusion or inconvenience this website may cause due to someone being fooled.  This disclaimer is linked throughout the website to ensure that visitors realize the true identity of this "railroad."

Copyright © 2009 Ohio & Indiana RR Co., All Rights Reserved
Last modified 28 Aug 2009

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