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The Mid-West's Own
Ohio & Indiana Railroad Company (OHIR) is a 700-mile regional freight railroad, hauling some 190,000 carloads of freight annually.  The railroad serves four states and carries traffic between Chicago, Cincinnati, Columbus, Detroit, Indianapolis, and Ashland, Ohio, with connections to all major western and eastern carriers.


Aug 28, 2010 - Newly designed website launched.

July 28 - OHIR has been awarded a grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.  It will be used to support clean diesel projects, reducing diesel emissions by increasing the energy efficiency of switch locomotives.  OHIR will use the money to install automatic shutdown/startup equipment on 16 locomotives. "Smart Start" equipment had already been installed on about a half dozen locomotives in the past three years. The equipment automatically shuts down the locomotive engine when it has idled for a predetermined amount of time while not in use. The engine automatically restarts to keep engine coolant warm in cold weather and also when power is demanded from the locomotive. Doyle says idle reduction devises will reduce fuel consumption and emissions by 50-70 percent.

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Ohio & Indiana named Railway Age's 2008 Regional Railroad of the Year




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