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Other cars rebuilt by Colorado Railcar

While building ultradomes has been the bread and butter for Colorado Railcar and its predecessors, the company has occasionally found itself branching into other areas as well. Here's a small gallery of several other cars that Colorado Railcar has rebuilt.

In addition to Florida Fun Train's single level domes, Colorado Railcar also refurbished four ex-Chicago & Northwestern bilevel coaches into some very innovative single level cars. Like most of the single level domes, the ex-bilevels went to Alaska Railroad, where John Combs caught up with it.

The inside of the car above, fromer RRIX (Florida Fun Train) 9013, which is now Alaska RR 352. It was orriginally built in Nov. 1958 as CNW 707, a 96 seat bilevel coach. Each of the cars was themed, and this one is the aptly named Tiki Railbar. Photo by John Combs.

Another of the ex-FFT cars, which has been repainted for ARR and renumbered 351. It is formerly RRIX 9011, nee Chicago & Northwestern 903, a 48 seat gallery coach, 32 seat lounge car. This car has a 50's Diner theme, but is being refurbished over the 2004-2005 off season with a modern coffee house theme. Photo by John Combs.

The interior of the 352. I like the checkered flooring and the art deco clock, and hope that some of those elements remain after the car is refitted. Photo by John Combs.

Fans of Steven Segal will recognize Colorado Railcar's handywork in the train used for the movie Under Siege II: Dark Territory. The train of ex-Pullman bilevels was stripped inside, then fitted with trap doors, breakaway windows, balsa handrails, and all the trappings of a Hollywood workhorse. Most of the train was scrapped after filming was completed. Photo courtesy of Colorado Railcar.

In 2002, Colorado Railcar refurbished four sleeper cars for use on the American Orient Express. The cars, which each feature 10 double bedrooms, were and instant hit with riders. Here we see the Bar Harbor, one of the four cars, at Portland Union Station shortly after delivery. A second CRM rebuild, the Charleston, was also in the train. Photo by Jody Moore.

One of the first two sleepers delivered to AOE at Portland Union Station. This car is the Savannah, while the other car is named Denver. Photo by Jody Moore (on a dreary overcast day..)

An interior shot of the Savannah. All 10 rooms are accessed through the doors to the left. I did get to peek into one of the rooms, but didn't take any photos because someone's stuff was in it. But the cars are quite nicely decorated. One of the big reasons that they are so popular is because they feature showers and restrooms in each berth. Photo by Jody Moore.

Colorado Railcar also refurbished this lounge car for BC Rail's Whistler Northwind. The car was numbered 1750 and named Glenfraser. Like the single level domes, the 1750 was sold to VIA Rail, where it was refurbished and released in late 2003 for service on the Skeena. The car wears yet another VIA paint scheme — Canada's national passenger railroad has several, and the Skeena ought to be a pretty colorful representation of several. Montreal, PQ. Photo by Michel Robichaud. Click here for a larger version of this photo on

Michel peeked through the vestibule window to get this interior shot of the 1750. I'm not sure if this is the same interior that was designed by Architectura for BC Rail. Maybe someone else knows the answer? Montreal, PQ. Photo by Michel Robichaud.

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