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Locomotives of the Piedmont & Eastern Carolina Railroad...


The locomotive roster of the Piedmont & Eastern Carolina Railroad spans decades.  There are modern diesel locomotives as well and antique steam locomotives.  

Union Pacific #4006 by Athearn.  Built in 1941, No. 4006 was the the "largest" among all successful steam locomotives ever built, weighing in at over 1,208,000 pounds.
449,000 Lbs of monster defines the 2-6-6-2 articulated Locomotive No. 943.  Bachmann's Nickel Plate road model sits at our turntable in the photo above.  From mid 1918 through 1919, thirty of these locomotives were built.
Clinchfield No. 672, a 4-6-6-4 articulated, built by Baldwin Locomotive Works and American Locomotive Company and named the "Challenger", weighs in at 1,255,800 Lbs.  252 of these were built between 1936 and 1947.  The Challengers were designed for fast freight service, but occasionally pulled passenger trains. 
Two CSX locomotives, an SD70M and an SD80MAC with the new CSX YN3 paint scheme, head up this intermodal freight on the west side of town.  Built by General Motors, the SD70 develops 4,000 Hp and the SD80MAC 5,000 Hp.
The SD80MAC (front) is the first locomotive to use a 20 cylinder engine.  
Southern No. 1333 pulls the Blue Comet passenger train past Waynesborough Station.  The 4-6-2 "Pacific" class locomotive was the predominant steam passenger power in North America during the first half of the 20th century.  There were about 6800 Pacifics built between 1902 & 1930.
Atlantic Coast Line VO-1000 No. 606 shuffles some cars at Shultz Gear Company.  The VO-1000 was built by Baldwin Locomotive Works between 1939 & 1946.  The VO-1000 weighted over 236,000 Lbs. and generated 1,000 horsepower.  There are only seven known VO-1000 existing today.
Southern No. 176w brings a string of cars into the Cumberland Yard.  This GP18, built by General Motors, generates 1,800 Hp.  405 of these were built between 1959 and 1963.
Grimy Conrail No. 5555 sits on the turntable at the terminal shops.  No. 5555 is an SD60 built by General Motors.  The SD60 was a 3,800 Hp locomotive still used in the United States.
Chessie Systems No. 8569, an SD50 model built by General Motors, drags some dirty freight cars thru Cumberland Yard.  The SD50 was a 3,500 Hp loco built by General Motors from 1981 to 1986.  427 were built.
Seaboard Coast Line No. 2211 sits idle on a spur outside of town.   This model C-630 locomotive, manufactured by American Locomotive Company, had a 3,000 Hp engine.  Between 1965 and 1967 seventy seven were built.
Burlington Northern Santa Fe No. 9263, another SD60, drags a string of loaded flatcars thru town.
Southern Locomotive No. 176, another GP-18, and Norfolk Southern No. 3984, a model B23-7 sit by the roundhouse shops awaiting repairs (decoder installations).  The B23-7, built by General Motors, is a four axle, 2250 Hp. locomotive still in use today.  536 were built between between 1977 and 1984.
These two CSX locomotives, No. 7654, a model 8-40CW, and 7584 , a model C40-8, sit idle in the Terminal Shop area awaiting maintenance (decoder installs).  These  locomotives were manufactured by General Motors in the 1990's and had 4,000 Hp.
AT&SF No. 3484, an 0-8-0 yard switcher, pulls onto the turntable in the terminal Shops.  This is the only DC locomotive that isn't scheduled for decoder install.  I got it on eBay for $30 and it runs great after a little cleaning and oiling.  It appears to be an early Atlas manufactured in the 1970's.


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